A Broader View

TUTV's public affairs talk series that explores the issues and events that shape our lives. From politics to social justice to student Adderall abuse and much more, we'll give you a broader view of the big stories that people are talking about…or should be talking about. A Broader View is produced and hosted by Professor Karen M. Turner's journalism class.

Baker Dave Presents...

A Temple original cooking show featuring Baker Dave, the pastry chef for Aramark at Johnson and Hardwick dining hall and the Student Center food court. He’s been running the bakery at the cafeteria for ten years, so he has plenty of tips and interesting recipes to share.

Between the Lines

Host Barry Kibrick interviews influential authors and film makers.

Bouncing Back

Lisa Bien, a professional marketing strategist and Temple Public Relations Professor, created Bouncing Back in an effort to give Temple students and other viewers insight into their own misgivings concerning self worth while presenting real life examples of personal struggle with self acceptance.

Brand Matters

Brand Matters is here to help you differentiate between the product and the brand. Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind. A brand is a promise to the consumer of what you can expect. To dissect what goes into the creation and marketing of a brand, this program features a panel discussion of industry experts.

Demented Drive In Theater

The Best of the Worst films ever made can be found at the Demented Drive In Theater. Join Floyd Cadaverous, Nurse Evilynn and their creepy crew as they present kooky creature features at the cursed drive in screen.

Deutsche Welle

Germany’s international broadcaster: online, on-screen and over the air. It provides a European perspective to audiences around the world and promotes intercultural dialogue. Click here for more information.

Film Noir Theater

Media Studies and Production Professor Amy Caples hosts this TUTV special presentation of classic movies from the 40s of the film noir genre.

Film Versus Film

Film Versus Film is a web series centering on the discussion of popular cinema. The show’s panel is made up of filmmakers, professors, film critics and film scholars. The panel’s discussions stem from tongue-in-cheek, pop culture-oriented “categories” like ‘Best Use of a Pop Song in Film,’ ‘Film Failure that Should Have Spawned a Great Franchise,’ ‘Most Unpleasant Christmas Movie,’ and ‘Hammiest Performance Ever by a Film Actor.’ The series shoots in Philadelphia.

FITT Technology

Coach Mike Armstrong hosts cutting edge fitness program that focuses on the individual's athletic ability by integrating various forms of exercise to achieve optimal physical performance.


A collection of student work from Temple University's Film and Media Arts department. Click here for more information.

From The Temple Student Film Vault

Student films from students attending the School of Media and Communication during the 1970s and 1980s are shown.

FunScience Productions

Temple University’s College of Science and Technology (CST) and STEM Ed Network is proud to introduce FunScience Productions, the interactive program focused on providing free high-quality science lessons. Every episode brings a series of engaging demonstrations that enlighten students and teachers about the world around them in a fascinating way. The demonstrations are available in a broad range of topics including earth and space science, physical science, life science and, engineering practices. FunScience Productions highly benefits from FunScience Demos, founded by Dr. George Mehler, Assistant Professor CST with the support of ASM & CST. FunScience Productions also delivers episodes under the direction of Dr. Susan Jansen Varnum, Senior Associate Dean CST and Professor of Chemistry; and Surya Prayaga, a current Master’s degree student in Information Science & Technology with co-stars from the STEM-Ed Network and TUteach program.

High Flying Owls

High Flying Owls is brings to light the exciting entrepreneurial energy of Temple’s graduates. Dwight Carey, an Assistant Professor of Strategic Management at Temple, interviews alumni who have started their own companies.

Holiday Specials

A collection of holiday programs to celebrate the season.

Hoot News

The Hoot News is a student made and student lead organization making content out of Temple University, Japan. They cover events that happen throughout Tokyo as well as create a weekly news broadcast for students to learn about upcoming events at the school.

In Performance on TUTV

Live studio performances in TUTV studios highlighting local artists with a Temple connection.

Inside the Nest

OwlSports Update reporters present a weekly recap of the latest Temple Football game before switching over to a live feed of Head Coach Rod Carey's weekly conference, followed by a comprehensive break-down of news and comments revealed at the conference.

La Charla

La Charla is TUTV’s first Spanish-language talk show. Student hosts discuss current events, politics, popular culture, and more.

Media Inside Out

Media Inside Out is a television talk show that explores the media we love to watch, listen to, read and play with an analytical and critical approach. Topics have included a discussion of diversity in commercials; the influence of news editing; and the shift in audience role from consumer to author. Media Inside Out approaches media with an appreciation for its potential as entertainment, and even as an educational tool, but balances that with an understanding of its impact and influence. Each episode digs deep into a specific media theme or media property. The series is produced and hosted by Sherri Hope Culver, director of the Center for Media and Information Literacy at Temple University. Program segments and information are conveyed in an entertaining, playful manner. The show explores, reveals, clarifies, and ultimately helps the audience appreciate the power of the media in their lives and their relationship with that media.Media Inside Out promotes creative and intellectual dialogue, while encouraging viewers to analyze their own media habits.

Midnite Mausoleum

Midnite Mausoleum consists of interjected comical bits during the selected scifi horror films. The show taking place in Marlena's mausoleum, the boneyard and the autopsy room as well as other locales.


Classic movies presented by Temple University Television.


A collection of documentaries and specials courtesy of NBC 10 WCAU-TUV.

NCC Events

This program features events from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including symposia and interviews.

Nick The Beat Presents

Nick the Beat Presents is a limited run of thrillers and horror flicks from the TUTV Vault. The character was developed, written and performed by Temple Theater student Alex Monsell.

North Philly Now

Host and show creator Deja Parker highlights issues effecting residents of North Philadelphia through interviews.

OwlSports Update

A weekly student run show about Temple University's intercollegiate athletic programs. It is anchored, produced, filmed and edited by students of Temple University. Click here for more information.

Philadelphia Broadcast Legends

This show chronicles the lives of famous Philadelphians in broadcasting as told by themselves on camera.

Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Journalism students tell the stories that represent the diverse voices of the multicultural and multinational Philadelphia neighborhoods in a form of hyper-local coverage. Click here for more information.

Philly Arts and Culture

Featurettes, short films, and events from artists in the Philadelphia area.

Philly Famous Podcast

Greg Holdsman, a Philadelphia native and senior at Temple, has been highlighting local visionaries and vanguards with his Philly Famous Podcast for over a year, recording more than 70 episodes. Now, Greg is bringing his audio program to TV by taping his podcast episodes, which will air on TUTV.

Pope Francis in Philadelphia

TUTV will provide LIVE coverage of the 2015 Papal Visit to Philadelphia, from Saturday, September 26th to Sunday, the 27th. TUTV's student journalists will report live from the Ben Franklin Parkway and in the studio at Temple University. As many as 17 student journalists will be involved in the coverage––directing, field producing, reporting, editing, and writing. The studio show will be hosted by Lu Ann Cahn, former NBC-10 reporter and current Director for Career Services in the School of Media and Communication.

Professor Fred's Movie Marvels

Known during the 80s and 90s for his syndicated column Mondo Video, Professor Fred Hopkins leads viewers and students of schlock through the chaotic world of movie monsters and screaming babes that haunted the minds of America's youth long after they left the steamed-window comfort of drive-in movie theaters.

Saturday Fright Special

A trip back in time to 1960s and 1970s television, with public domain films, intermission reels, PSAs, commercials and all kinds of other nostalgia from bygone days.


Special programming from Temple University Television.


Programs from outside sources that run on TUTV regularly.

Tell All

Tell All is a fast paced game of words and wits, where contestants compete with the clock, and with each other, for fun and prizes. Created by Temple Student Brian Schwartz, Tell All is a high energy challenge where word play is serious business and what you don’t say can make your opponent the winner.

Temple @ the London Olympics

Welcome to TUTV’s coverage of the 30th Olympiad. Five students and one professor from Temple's School of Media and Communication travel to England to cover life in the city during the 2012 London Olympics.

Temple Alumni

Film projects from Temple University Alumni. Productions include features, shorts, and animation.

Temple Ambler

Special programming from Temple University's Ambler campus.

Temple Athletics

Temple Athletics takes a closer look at the many different sports played by Temple students through interviews with coaches and student-athletes.

Temple Basketball

From the same people that brought you Temple TUFF/Inside the Owl's Nest, take an inside look at Temple University's basketball team. Temple Basketball: Above The Rim is an all-access mini-series that follows the Temple University Basketball Team through the day-to-day grind of a college basketball season. The show takes its viewers onto the practice courts, in the locker room, into film sessions and into the arenas on game nights to show what it's like to be a part of a nationally recognized basketball program.

Temple Flashback

General Manager of TUTV Paul Gluck sits down with the accomplished alumni of Temple University as they reminisce on their college days and review career highlights. Special Temple Flashback programming revisits archival Temple footage.

Temple Japan

News, programs and events from Temple University Japan.

Temple Lacrosse

Temple Lacrosse's latest home games are showcased in their entirety on TUTV.

Temple News

The paper of record for the Temple community since it first printed as Temple University Weekly in 1921. The award-winning student publication distributes 8,000 printed copies, free of charge, to the university’s five primary locations in the Delaware Valley, including Main Campus, Center City, Health Sciences, and Ambler. Click here for more information.

Temple People

This series highlights the diverse and talented people of Temple University.

Temple Pilots

Temple Pilots is a student group formed to help fellow students produce new show ideas for TUTV. With the help and support of TUTV, this program delivers an array of interesting stories in the form of a series of pilots.

Temple Smash

Temple University's first and only televised variety show, produced for students by students. Taped in front of a live studio audience in TV Studio 1 of Annenberg Hall at Klein College, the show features an array of talent acts including original sketch comedy, musical groups, dancers, stand-up comics, short films, and more. Click here for more information.

Temple Talk

Created by freshmen Media Studies & Production majors Marissa Giletto and Luke Frey, Temple Talk is TUTV's first entertainment talk show. Temple students gather to report on and discuss the latest in entertainment news, fashion, and film. You can follow Temple Talk on Twitter and Facebook.

Temple Tonight

Temple Tonight is TUTV's first late-night talk show, featuring a house band, stand up comedy, interviews, musical performances, and more!

Temple Tours

A TUTV-produced documentary style series that explores various venues associated with Temple University.

Temple Update

A weekly, half-hour news program produced, written, directed and anchored by Temple students. Update focuses on news and events on campus, in the surrounding area and anywhere there may be a story of interest to the greater Temple community. Temple Update is produced every Thursday morning in the TV News Broadcast Production Practicum class, assisted by a dedicated staff of student volunteers.

Temple Women's Volleyball

Temple University Volleyball is an AAC DI volleyball program located in the North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The American Music Research Foundation

The AMRF is dedicated to the promotion, documentation, and preservation of American Music, particularly blues, ragtime, boogie woogie, jazz, and rhythm and blues.

The Dungeon of Dreck

Hosted by Dr. Dreck, a wise mouth mad scientist, The Dungeon of Dreck features horror, sci-fi, and mystery films dating back to the 1930's through the 1960's.

The Grog Show

Created, acted, shot, and written by undergraduates Jake Rasmussen and Karl Weimar, The Grog Show is a half-hour comedy series centered on the misadventures of two college roommates. Best pals Jake and Karl suffer through living with creeps, impersonating John Travolta, getting and then losing their own cable TV show, and much more. Click here for more information.

The Temple Experience

This series highlights Temple seniors: their experiences at Temple University and what they plan after graduation.

The Vibe

Created by journalism student Nydja Hood, The Vibe is Temple University’s first hip-hop culture and music television show, which provides a platform to artists at Temple and beyond. On The Vibe, students discuss what is trending in popular culture, and rappers, poets, and singers are featured. Follow the Vibe on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The World at Temple

The World at Temple is the first and only TUTV talk show that covers international student events at Temple University.

TUTV Community Forum

A collection of student produced interviews from the MSP Department Television Production Practicum course.

TUTV Programs

TUTV original programming.

University Lecture Series

A collection of lectures featuring particularly prominent speakers, many of whom are guests to the university.

University Specials

A collection of documentaries, interviews, special events and programming from Temple University.

Wagon Wheel Theater

Wagon Wheel Theater features a series of classic western films from the TUTV Vault, with introductions performed by Temple Theater students.

We Need to Talk

We Need To Talk is TUTV’s first all-female talk show. A group of diverse female hosts bring their unique perspectives to topics such as current events, the latest trends in beauty and fashion, and their own personal lives.

Your Best Life

Formerly known as Bouncing Back, Your Best Life is hosted by Lisa Bien, a professional marketing strategist and Temple Public Relations Professor, who created this program in an effort to give Temple students and other viewers insight into their own misgivings concerning self worth while presenting real life examples of personal struggle with self acceptance.