A Broader View Episode 36

A Broader View

TUTV’s public affairs talk series that explores the issues and events that shape our lives.…

Episode 35: Sports Pioneers

A Broader View 35 Sports Pioneers

On this episode of A Broader View, host Karen Turner brings in award-winning baseball sports journalist and Co-founder of Claire Smith Center for Sports Media, Claire Smith.…

Episode 34: Achieving Wellness in the Era of COVID

A Broader View: Achieving Wellness in the Era of COVI

Host Karen M. Turner welcomes guests Dr. Tammi Grovatt-Dawkins, licensed counselor, Dr.…

Episode 33

A Broader View Voting Rights

Host Karen Turner assembles a panel of experts to help unpack what various states are doing to limit voting access, the state of voting rights in 2022, and why you should care.…

Episode 32

Hosted by Nikhil Stride and Braydon Kline, the theme of this episode is “It’s our planet: why we should care.”…

Episode 31

Episode 31

Hosts Nikhil Stride and Yu Chen discuss the political division our nation is facing and questions surrounding election integrity.…

Episode 30

Episode 30

Hear about the many ways people have reinvented their businesses during the pandemic.…

Episode 29

Episode 29

Gain an understanding of state efforts to restrict voting rights and the climate around voting laws in the nation in this edition of  A Broader View.

Episode 28

A Broader View: Episode 28
Professor Karen Turner is joined by Dr. Tiffenia Archie, Dr. Leslie Wilson, and Reverend Damaris Walker to discuss the current political climate in the United States