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TUTV remembers our mentor and friend Lew Klein

TUTV remembers Lew Klein, TV pioneer and educator

TUTV will celebrate the life of one of the most important figures in Philly broadcast history and a great friend to the station Tuesday, June 18 at 1/9pm

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Inclusive Leadership Conference at Temple University

Tune in June 20 for the 2019 Inclusive Leadership Conference

This conference brings together Philadelphia-area college students to give them the skills become ethical and inclusive leaders in their industries

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The Power and Future of Media

Tune in for premiere of new show, The Power & Future of Media

Graduate student Devlynn Deitrick examines the implications of our media saturated environment on Tuesday, June 11 at 2 and 10 p.m.

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Airing on TUTV

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Remembering When

This show is simply about the history of television, the technology and how television was accepted way back in it’s infancy.…

Classic Art Showcase

Classic Arts Showcase is a free cable television program designed to bring the classic arts experience to the largest audience possible by providing video clips of the arts in hopes that we may tempt you, the viewer, to go out and feast from the buffet of arts available in your community.…

Temple Update

Past shows of Temple University’s weekly, half-hour news program produced, written, directed and anchored by students.…


CaribNation Television is a high-quality, multi-formatted half-hour television show that consistently produces informative television programs.

These programs explore and explain the eclectic ethnic, economic and cultural heritages of Caribbean people, unite them across geographical, linguistic and ideological boundaries, and address all aspects of the region’s people, places and issues, in their own voices.…

Americana: The Way We Were

This program looks back on American life by way of old public domain newsreels, films and public/civic documentaries. Each episode contains one or more snippets showing the way American life used to be.…