Queer Temple: Black Queer Culture

Queer Temple: Black Queer Culture

On this episode of Queer Temple, Host Laila Page welcomes guests Greg Cox and Diamond Blacc for a candid discussion about Black Queer Culture.…

Queer Temple: Coming Out

Queer Temple Episode 7 Coming Out

On this episode of Queer Temple, host Andreas Copes welcomes new host Laila Page.

Queer Temple: Queer Health

Queer Temple Episode 6 Health

In this episode of Queer Temple, host Andreas Copes addresses what healthcare looks like in the LGBTQIA+ Philadelphia community.

Queer Temple: Queer History

Queer Temple 5 Queer_Elders

In this newest episode, “Queer Elders,” host Andreas Copes and Adeja Wright turn the focus on prominent trailblazers, historical events, education, the LGBTQIA+ movement, and more.

Queer Temple: Pride Month

Andreas Copes, host of Queer Temple, welcomes several guests including freshman journalism major, Laila Page, junior communications major, Sean Driscoll, and Professor from the College of Liberal Arts, Brad Windhauser.…

Queer Temple: Queer COVID

Queer Temple: Episode 3

Host Andreas Copes takes a look back at one year of QueerCOVID–a year of challenges, protest, and change.…

Queer Temple: I Am What I Am

Queer Temple: Episode 2

Host Andreas Copes returns to focus on the topic of identity and how people express themselves.…

Queer Temple: Pilot

Created by Temple students Christopher Smith and Andreas Copes and hosted by Copes, Queer Temple is TUTV’s first LGBTQAI+ series.…