Documentary highlights common millennial myths

Sorry Not Sorry: The Millennial Experience

Lazy. Narcissistic. Entitled. These are only a few descriptors that many use to define millennials. Sorry Not Sorry: The Millennial Experience tackles the various stigmas and stereotypes that young people hope to overcome. The short documentary features interviews with millennials who are struggling to find their place in a world filled with assumptions about them.

This student film was produced by Matt Bevenour, Emily Strange, Nicole DeSanto, and Tristan Horan for Kristine Weatherston’s Media Studies and Production class. Watch the premiere on TUTV this Friday, August 17 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m.

Learning etiquette with Doice John

Lisa Bien and Doice John

In an all new episode of Bouncing Back, host Lisa Bien speaks to guest Doice John, creator/owner of SocialAce, about how good manners affect self esteem.

Growing up, Doice’s family was very poor, but his mother instilled in him and his brother the importance of manners and etiquette, which helped give him confidence and succeed in all kinds of environments as he got older. Now, Doice works as a coach to others, teaching proper etiquette to raise self esteem and helping people feel more confident in situations they would otherwise avoid. He has done work with formerly incarcerated men to help expand their universe and learn to move in and out of new cultural contexts. Doice helps these communities to bounce back to rules of decorum and manners and discover new opportunities.

Doice gives viewers some etiquette tips and concrete ways to overcome anxiety surrounding etiquette. He and Lisa discuss how by enacting this behavior in your life, you will create a positive experience for yourself and everyone you encounter.

Watch Doice John in an all new Bouncing Back with Lisa Bien, this Monday, August 6 at 12:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.


Learn how to bake Irish soda bread Thursday

Irish Soda Bread

On the latest episode of Baker Dave Presents… the Temple pastry chef bakes alongside guest Christopher Carey, Senior Associate Dean of Students, whose job is to help Temple students cultivate a life on campus and find opportunities in leadership. Chris brings his family’s recipe for Irish soda bread, a treat he would make with his mother and give as gifts to his teachers growing up. They discuss the history of the sweet scone-like treat, and Chris describes his career path from selling insurance to working in higher education.

Watch the premiere on TUTV this Thursday, August 9 at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Watch Frank Sinatra in “The Man with the Golden Arm” Sunday

Man with the Golden Arm

Extremely controversial in its time, The Man with the Golden Arm is also one of the first films to deal honestly and directly with drug addiction. Sinatra plays an addict recently released from rehab who returns to Chicago with big plans of becoming a jazz drummer. His disabled wife wants him to return to poker playing and the local drug dealer wants him for a customer. When he hits the night clubs, Sinatra falls for a professional bar hostess (played by a pre-Vertigo Kim Novak) while sliding further and further back into his addiction until he feels that something has to give.

Widely considered Sinatra’s greatest acting performance, the 1955 film noir hit was directed and written by Otto Preminger, based on a novel by the same name. Its gritty and realistic depiction of the tragedy of heroin addiction was rejected by the MPAA under its Production Code, but was released anyway to great fanfare, which led to a dissolution of the restrictive Code.

Watch it on TUTV this Sunday, August 5 at 1 and 9 p.m. as a part of our Film Noir Theater series.

Learn about ancient Chinese dress in a documentary this Wed

Interpreting Ancient Chinese Fashion

Two San Francisco fashion designers—Colleen Quen and Jude Gabbard—seek new inspiration by visiting China for the first time. They skip cosmopolitan Shanghai, and head straight to one of China’s most remote and poorest areas, Guizhou Province. While economically poor, this region is rich in diversity, culture—and, of course—fashion.

Guizhou is home to many of the country’s 55 ethnic minority groups, each with a distinct traditional style of dress. While signs of modernization are clearly visible in Guizhou’s ancient communities, entering them is still like stepping back in time. The clothes they wear today are the same as their ancestors wore centuries ago. Colleen and Jude traipse through rice terraces and steep hillsides to visit the ancient villages of the Miao (Hmong) and Buyi people.

They learn traditions that have been passed down for generations, and the villagers help them decode some reoccurring motifs on their clothing. Colleen and Jude take a hands-on approach to learning about wax-dye batiks, embroidery, silver jewelry, unusual hairstyles and adornments— and they explore the layers of meaning behind these unique designs and accessories.

Watch their journey and see what they discover in the documentary, Interpreting Ancient Chinese Fashion, airing on TUTV this Wednesday, August 1st at 1 and 9 p.m.

Interpreting Ancient Chinese Fashion


Philadelphia International’s Kenny Gamble speaks on music history

Blockson Lecture: Kenny Gamble

In celebration of Black Music Appreciation Month, The Blockson Collection at Temple University hosted a discussion with legendary Philadelphia-based songwriter Kenneth Gamble, who provided firsthand accounts of the city’s rich music heritage. Composer, music producer and community developer, Kenny Gamble himself was the one who first thought to institute a national Black Music Month. He and Earl Wright began the Black Music Association and the International Association of African American Music Foundation in the late 1970s, which led to former President Jimmy Carter declaring June as Black Music Month on June 7, 1979.

Attorney and civil rights activist Vivienne Crawford was on hand to moderate the discussion, which was also a part of a calendar of Juneteenth events.

Watch it on TUTV (Comcast 50/Verizon 45/online) this Thursday, August 2 at 1 and 9 p.m.

Blockson Lecture: Kenny Gamble

How to make turkey burgers appetizing on a new Baker Dave

Baker Dave Presents... Turkey Burgers

T.J. Logan, Associate VP of Student Affairs, visits Baker Dave in the J&H kitchen to make his go-to snack, turkey burgers with no bun.

T.J. recently started working at Temple after working at the University of Florida. He goes into detail about his passion for helping students to achieve while showing us how he spices up his turkey burgers to add flavor.

Tune in to TUTV this Thursday, July 27 at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. to catch the latest episode of Baker Dave Presents…

Bouncing Back when you lose weight and gain it all back

Bouncing Back: Weight Gain

On the latest Bouncing Back, host Lisa Bien talks to two health coaches about how to get off the path of yo-yo dieting.

Carol Roman and Dr. Eric Stofman, both Cope Certified Health Coaches, both went through their own ordeals of constantly dieting and losing the weight only to gain it right back. Together, they share their stories about how they came to a place of love for their bodies as a sustaining strategy for long term health.

Both guests also share tips to avoid common weight loss pitfalls, provide corrections to misconceptions about weight loss, and give a detailed health strategy to maintaining weight loss.

Tune in to TUTV (Comcast 50/Verizon 45/online) this Monday, July 23 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” star Michael Rooker interviewed on new TUTV show

Hoot News: Interview with Michael Rooker

Student Rebecca Bender talks to actor Michael Rooker on a new TUTV show straight out of Temple University Japan Campus. Rooker discusses his techniques as an actor and his work over the past three decades. Rooker has appeared in a range of work from Walking Dead and Cliffhanger to JFK and Mississippi Burning.

The Hoot News is a student made and student lead organization making content out of Temple University, Japan. They cover events that happen throughout Tokyo as well as create a weekly news broadcast for students to learn about upcoming events at the school. Stay tuned for the latest coming from The Hoot News this Fall, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Watch below:

#YearOfGrog: An obscure Summer Olympics event is highlighted

In this month’s edition of #YearOfGrog, the Summer Olympics are featured as France and the United States go toe to toe in the Don’t Step in Doo Doo event.

Temple Professors host a deep dive into “2001: A Space Odyssey”

2001: A Space Odyssey - 50 Years Later

Without a doubt, 2001: A Space Odyssey is one of the greatest and most philosophical science-fiction films ever made. It has provided some of cinema’s most famed icons—the monolith, the ape bone toss, the HAL-9000, the Star-Gate, and the strange hotel suite. 50 years later, 2001 is more relevant than ever as we organize our lives amidst a culture of technology and vast potential.

For the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival earlier this year, Barry Vacker and Brooke Storms of Temple University hosted presentations, discussions, multi-media presentations, a panel discussion, film clips, and video about Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece.

Presented by The Gershman Y, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival, and TUTV & The Rudman Media Production Center, “2001: A Space Odyssey – A Discussion” airs on TUTV this Thursday, July 19 at 1 and 9 p.m.

Student doc tells history of American prison system

Hallway at Eastern State Penitentiary today

Through interviews with historians and political science experts, Confinement tells the story of the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, the modern prison system, and how the two relate.

Confinement was produced by Temple students Michael Vizzoni, John Kaeser, Lorian Thompon, and Regan Falk for a Media Studies & Production class taught by Professor Kristine Weatherston.

Watch it on TUTV Friday, July 13 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m. on Comcast 50/Verizon 45 or online.

Say goodbye to show creator on season finale of The Vibe

Journalism student Nydja Hood started TUTV’s first hip-hop culture and music television show years ago. In her final episode before graduating, Nydja performs her own work during this episode’s Poetry Spotlight segment. Special guest Jamai from NBC’s The Voice performs a song he wrote live and also discusses what it was like to appear on national television. Additionally, Hip Hop History examines the long tradition of activism in the genre since hip hop’s inception. Also included in this episode is an interview with local rap group Village of the Smoke and the season’s last rap battle.

Watch this jam-packed finale this Friday, July 13 at 2 and 10 p.m. on TUTV (Comcast 50/Verizon 45/online)

Kaicey Baylor reports from Spain

Klein College student Kaicey Baylor is studying in Spain this summer and she’ll be sharing stories of daily life in Barcelona with TUTV, introducing us to the time-honored customs, unique culture and extraordinary people who make this vibrant city a must-see destination for any adventurous tourist.

In the first installment of her video diary, Kaicey explores the history and traditions of eating tapas, and why people around the globe have embraced the savory snack, which has become the main course for foodies the world over.

6ABC’s Karen Rogers visits the set of Baker Dave Presents

Karen Rogers from 6ABC on Baker Dave Presents

Weekday traffic and weather anchor Karen Rogers from 6ABC comes to the set of TUTV’s Baker Dave Presents… this Thursday, July 5 at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

Karen prepares her father’s recipe for tortellini escarole soup while describing growing up in South Jersey and following a career path in the media that led her to reporting the weather for Channel 6.