30th episode of Temple Smash airs Saturday

Temple Smash cast members

Temple Smash, TUTV’s student-produced variety show, returns this weekend with its 30th episode! Chock-full of zany sketches and absurd characters, the hour-long program includes dozens of skits performed in front of a live studio audience as well as digital sketches.

Temple Smash

This episode includes a look into a workplace that has integrated pirates into its workforce, a new food trend called “Waffle It,” a reminder of the importance of flossing, and much, much more!

Watch the premiere this Saturday, September 9 at 5 p.m. and Sunday, the 10th at 9 a.m. on TUTV.

Temple Smash

Cheesesteaks in London? Can it be?

Temple Update student reporter Kelly Antonacci went to London this summer and is bringing TUTV viewers exclusive reports from the UK. This week, she talks to JP Teti, a South Philly native who moved to London and opened a food cart selling authentic Philly cheesesteaks to Londoners. Now, his cart, Liberty Cheesesteak Company, attracts Americans and Brits alike. Watch it below:

Spend the Summer in Ocean City, NJ with Spencer Trabbold

Just as student reporter Kelly Antonacci is bringing you reports from London this summer, fellow journalist Spencer Trabbold is coming from Ocean City, NJ with a look into the summer scene.

For the first installment, Spencer talks to Ocean City surfers and learns about the surfing culture that the beach town offers, including a benefit surfing contest that brings awareness to a rare illness, amyloidosis. Watch it below:

New students: Learn about Temple’s TV station

OwlSports Update student reporters

What is TUTV?

Temple University Television (TUTV) is Temple’s digital television station, committed to serving as a showcase for Temple students, faculty and alumni. That means we air content produced by the Temple community, and that includes you! Have you always been interested in becoming involved in media production, performance or screenwriting? Would you like to appear on TV someday? TUTV is here to help you achieve these goals. There are many ways TUTV can provide you a chance to get your voice heard and bring you experience along the way.

How can you get involved?

You can submit your original work to TUTV, or take a class that produces programming with other students and teachers, such as Temple Update and A Broader View, or you can volunteer to work on the production teams of our regularly scheduled TV shows, such as Temple Talk or OwlSports Update.  Take a look at our list of shows and see if anything interests you. If you have any questions at all, just shoot us an email using our contact form.

Where to watch:

Of course, the best way to learn more about TUTV is to watch our 24/7 programming! If you have cable in your living quarters, tune in to Comcast channel 50 or Verizon channel 45, depending on your cable provider. If you don’t have cable, you can watch online.

Temple Update student reporters

Student doc asks “What’s in a teddy bear?”

Stuffed animal

Stuffed animals, blankets, photos, books, and clothes are all “comfort objects”: items that provide mental well-being in times of distress. Why are children drawn to these things? What makes them prevalent even among adults?

Ross Weisman, Jenny Choi, Colin Pawlowski, Brian Ziff and Nailah Adam spoke to the young and the old to explore the psychology, sociology, and healing power of a teddy bear. The group interviewed psychologists, people who struggle with mental illness, and the directors of the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, which works with children who are survivors of sexual abuse, for insight into the phenomena of comfort objects. This short documentary, Mine, was produced for Temple Professor Kristine Weatherston’s media studies class, Genres of Media Production.

Tune in to TUTV this Friday, August 25 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m. for this moving portrait of the abiding need for comfort.

Introducing “Summer in London” with Kelly Antonacci

Temple Update student reporter Kelly Antonacci went to London this summer and is bringing TUTV viewers exclusive reports from the UK.

Watch the first installment, where Kelly examines what Londoners really think of Americans, below:



TUTV student productions nominated for 9 Emmy© awards!

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) released the nominations for the 2017 Mid-Atlantic Emmy© Awards yesterday. Temple students received more nominations in the College section than any other university, with a total of nine in categories ranging from cultural affairs to sports. TUTV original shows Temple Update, OwlSports Update, and Philadelphia Neighborhoods were included in the list of nominations. Additionally, students Tracy Yatsko and Emily Milliron both nominated in the talent category.

Check out the full list of Temple nominations below. Click through to watch the nominated programs:


“OwlSports Update 3-30-2017”
Ayanna Clark, Producer
Kate Bullock, Producer
Rachel Zerbe, Anchor
Patrick Johnstone, Anchor
JD Fogarty, Graphics Coordinator

“Temple Update: March 2, 2017”
Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer
Joseph McHugh, Supervising Producer
Jeseamy Muentes, Producer
Rebecca Rosenblatt, Director
Isaiah Leonard, Technical Director
Taggart Houck, Anchor

“Temple Update: March 30, 2017”
Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer
Joseph McHugh, Supervising Producer
Spencer Trabbold, Producer
Daniel Ray, Anchor
Alyssa Jerome, Anchor
Logan Moritz, Director


“Construction Ongoing Inside Temple SMC”
Benjamin Otte, Reporter/Photographer

“Immigration Ban Challenges Temple Student’s Family”
Taggart Houck, Producer/Reporter
Benjamin Otte, Editor

“Parking Wars in Philadelphia”
Robert DiRienzo, Multimedia Journalist


“Turn Up the Town”
Emily MacMullen, Reporter
Sarah Metts, Reporter


A Legacy On and Off the Court”
Tracy Yatsko, Reporter

“From Player to Painter”
Rachel Zerbe, Reporter
Ben Otte, Photographer


Tracy Yatsko
Emily Milliron

“The World at Temple” highlights international students

The World at Temple

The World at Temple is the first and only TV talk show that’s aimed at international students at Temple University. The second installment features international students from all around the world discussing their experiences at Temple and their lives at home. Ksenia Berestetska from Ukraine, Rithik Gangwani from India, Lei Zhao from China, and Ayah Alkhars from Kuwait share their stories. Zhao also demonstrates how to make dumplings.

Tune in to TUTV Friday, August 4 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m. online or on cable (Comcast 50/Verizon 45) within the city of Philadelphia.

Tune in this weekend for a Classic Arts Showcase marathon

Classic Arts Showcase

TUTV will have a weekend-long marathon of Classic Arts Showcase from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday the 23rd. Classic Arts Showcase presents a mix of various classic arts including animation, architectural art, ballet, chamber, choral music, dance, folk art, museum art, musical theater, opera, orchestral, recital, solo instrumental, solo vocal, and theatrical play, as well as classic film and archival documentaries. TUTV has been airing the program for years and this weekend we’re presenting two whole uninterrupted days of art and culture.

Tune in via Comcast 50/Verizon 45 in Philadelphia or online everywhere.

Influential BBC horror movie The Stone Tape airs Friday

The Stone Tape

The Stone Tape aired as TV play written by BBC veteran writer Nigel Kneale in 1972. It has gone on to become highly influential to other filmmakers including John Carpenter as well as to the field of parapsychology in general, inspiring what is now known as the Stone tape theory of residual haunting.

The story follows a team of scientists who begin research in a newly renovated Victorian mansion and find themselves experiencing paranormal events. As they turn the focus of their research on the ghostly occurrences, the spirits they’ve uncovered only become more powerful.

See The Stone Tape as presented by The Dungeon of Dreck this Friday, August 4 at 4 p.m. and midnight online or on Comcast 50/Verizon 45 within Philadelphia.

Documentary highlights healing power of horses

Gift Horses

David Block is a Temple student, filmmaker and freelance journalist. He was also born legally blind. He has used his passion for storytelling to highlight others who have overcome their disabilities or struggles in life.

Premiering this week on TUTV, Block’s documentary film Gift Horses highlights the services of three therapeutic horseback riding organizations in Pennsylvania and offers a look at the various emotional and physical benefits that horse riding offers people with disabilities. Gift Horses includes the stories of many individuals of various levels of ability who experienced transformative healing after turning to therapeutic horseback riding. Tune in to Comcast 50, Verizon 45 or online on Friday, July 21 at 12:30 and 8:30 p.m. to see this powerful short documentary.

Gift Horses

Director David Block is legally blind but that hasn’t stopped him from completing seven  independent documentaries.  As a freelance journalist, he has had over 1,500 articles published in a variety of publications including the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer. Block is currently earning his Masters’ Degree at Temple, where the Journalism department recently awarded him the David the Lori Schipper Scholarship for Distinguished Achievement in Journalism.

Tell All is back with a new episode this week

All new! Tell All

Tell All, a TUTV original game show, will return to TUTV on July 21 to see Temple Update student reporter Kelly Antonacci face off against Update colleague Dan Ray.

Tell All is a fast paced game of words and wits, where contestants compete with the clock, and with each other, for fun and prizes. Created by Temple Student Brian Schwartz, Tell All is a high energy challenge where word play is serious business and what you don’t say can make your opponent the winner.

Tune in Friday, July 21 at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. to see who wins!

TUTV wishes our viewers a happy Independence Day!

Happy July 4th!

Enjoy our holiday programming this Tuesday! View the full schedule.

Make sustainable foods with Baker Dave

Tzatiziki sauce with Baker Dave

Learn how to make Greek salad and tzatziki sauce with Kathleen Grady, the Director of Sustainability for Temple University’s Office of Sustainability, on a new episode of Baker Dave’s TUTV show!

She doesn’t have Greek heritage, but Kathleen says she makes this recipe at least once a week to eat at home. As a vegetarian, she finds that this is an easy and satisfying meal to consume regularly. While cooking, the two discuss Kathleen’s work helping students and the University create environmentally conscious decisions and embark proactively on projects to help the environment.

Tune in to this new episode of Baker Dave Presents… on Thursday, July 6 at 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.