Saving the World

In times of crisis, you need things to appear immediately. You often don’t have the option to wait. Dwight Carey speaks with three current students majoring in entrepreneurship who are developing products and companies that will save people from something as small as a cut, to anxiety, to a natural disaster.

Nick Yarnell is the founder and CEO of E+3D, which provides emergency 3D printed supplies to disaster victims. Equipped with the ability to print objects in plastics, metals, and living tissues, E+3D can print anything from umbilical cord clamps, water filtration systems, body parts, to parts of a differential gear system commonly used by cars or generators. Chris Christensen is the founder and CEO of Mini Mighty Pack. The Mini Mighty Pack is a pocket sized emergency kit containing Advil, Benadryl, Emergen-C, Pepto-Bismal tablets, eyedrops, Shout wipes, bandaids, Colgate Wisps, a Wet-Nap, and Blistex chapstick. Daniel Couser is the founder and CEO of Kovarvic and the creator of C.A.L.M., a device that uses pulses of vibrations to influence brainwaves and de-escalate anxiety attacks.

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