TUTV receives 12 nominations from the Mid-Atlantic Emmy© chapter

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) released the nominations for the 2021 Mid-Atlantic Emmy© Awards, and Temple students once again received more nominations in the College section than any other university, with a total of 12 finalists in 5 categories. TUTV original shows Temple Update, OwlSports Update, and Temple Pilots were included in the list of nominations. Student Brooklyn Vaughn was nominated for a second year in a row in the Talent category. See a full list of the nominees here. Watch the nominated TUTV programs below:


OwlSports Update: March 25, 2021
Will Meade, Producer
Camryn DeCosta, Producer
Dom Gillaspy, Anchor/Reporter
Jackson Neill, Anchor/Reporter
Emilie Cochrane, Reporter
Tom Kinka, Director
Erin Steffe, Faculty Advisor
Adam Crognale, Reporter
Blake Barstar, Graphics Coordinator

Temple Update: March 4, 2021
Niccolas Uff, Supervising Producer
Camryn Duncan, Producer
Mydia Alonso, Producer
Jake Zebley, Director
Lianna Golden, Anchor
Kaamil Jones, Anchor
Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer/Faculty Supervisor
Christopher Berger, Graphics Producer
Jonathan Burke, Editing Manager

The Temp
Neil Ortiz, Executive Producer, Faculty Advisor
Mydia Alonso, Executive Producer, Anchor, Multimedia Reporter, Editor
Tyra Brown, Executive Producer, Anchor, Multimedia Reporter, Editor
Kaitlyn Kowaski, Anchor, Multimedia Reporter
Kyla Jackson, Reporter
Kyra Sobel, Reporter
Jacqueline Greene, Reporter
Tink Bradley, Reporter
Emmanuella Pierre, Reporter
Dyandra Harrison, Reporter
Francesca Viola, Executive Producer, Faculty Advisor

Temple Update: November 12, 2020
Madison Seitchik, Supervising Producer
Camryn Duncan, Producer
Niccolas Uff, Producer
Brian Matheis, Director
Jarred Cruz, Anchor
Lianna Golden, Anchor
Victoria Lucas, Reporter
Peter Jaroff, Executive Producer

news report

Liacouras “Vaxathon” Event Runs For 24-Hours Straight
Lianna Golden, Reporter

Lanternflies Land on Temple’s Campus Once Again
Lianna Golden, Reporter

The Rise Of Minority Gun Ownership In Philadelphia
Mydia Alonso, Executive Producer, Anchor, Multimedia Reporter, Editor
Kyla Jackson, Producer, Contributing Reporter
Neil Ortiz, Executive Producer, Faculty Advisor
Francesca Viola, Executive Producer, Faculty Advisor


Temple Pilots: Upstaged
Steven Aronow, Executive Producer
Claire Sackman, Producer/Asst. Director
Ross Aronow, Producer/Script Supervisor
Abrham Bogale, Producer/Director
Kameryn Moore, Producer/Production Coordinator
Anthony Inzalaco, Producer/Production Coordinator
Hannah Jablonski, Producer
James Sissons, Producer
Paul Gluck, Faculty Advisor
Edward Dress, Faculty Advisor


COVID’s Silver Lining
Lindsey Moppert, Reporter, Writer, Editor

Bowens — The Long Journey
Emilie Cochrane, Reporter, Writer, Editor
Brielle Berry, Editor

Remembering A Legend – John Chaney
Matt Fine, Faculty Advisor
Brooklyn Vaughan, Host
Adam Crognale, Host
Will Meade, Producer
Hailey Palmer, Producer
Ben Zimmerman, Graphics Coordinator
Erin Steffe, Faculty Advisor


Brooklyn Vaughan

“Floor is Lava” creator appears on Temple Flashback

Megan McGrath

Host Lindsey Moppert sits down with Temple alumna, producer, and co-creator of Floor is Lava, Megan McGrath, on a new episode of Temple Flashback.

Together they discuss McGrath’s inspiration for the highly-rated Netflix series, which is said to bring out “everyone’s inner 8-year-old”. McGrath shares her favorite aspects of being in the entertainment industry and her career journey to become a show producer. She also describes her experience on Broad Street and how it served her later in life while building her career. It was at Temple that she first discovered her ability to be a creative outside the traditional art realm. 

Watch the premiere this Wednesday, August 11 at 1 and 9 p.m.

Interested in writing for a sketch comedy show?

Temple SMASH is now accepting new writer applications

Are you interested in writing for a sketch comedy show? Do you want to get involved with a TUTV production? Then this is the opportunity for you!

TUTV’s long-running sketch comedy program, Temple SMASH, is now accepting new writer applications for the Fall and Spring semester. If you’re interested, send an ANONYMOUS writer submission packet to smashwriters@gmail.com by Saturday, August 21st, 11:59pm EST.

No late submissions will be considered.

Submission packets should be a combined PDF file consisting of:

  • One Live Sketch Script
  • One Digital Sketch Script
  • One Additional Sketch Script (Live or Digital)
  • Five sketch pitches (1-2 sentences) that you are interested in working on. These can be live or digital! For example: “A surgeon discovers their fear of blood during their first surgery.”

Don’t know how to write a sketch? SMASH head writers Renata and Abby can answer any of your questions through smashwriters@gmail.com or DM the SMASH Instagram.

Tune in for a special edition of Temple People

Temple People: Sarah Powell

In a special edition of Temple People, hear from the extraordinary emergency management professional who is charged with keeping the Temple University community safe.

Temple University Director of Emergency Management Sarah J. Powell sits down with host Alexis Beckett to discuss her role at Temple and the field of emergency management more broadly. Powell is charged with solving problems that require thinking into the future and imagining how best to avoid situations or handle them when they crop up. In light of the pandemic, Sarah’s position has only increased in importance. What does emergency management mean in a time of a global health crisis?

Tune in to find out this Wednesday, August 4 at 1 and 9 p.m. only on TUTV.

New show “Journalism Now and Then” premieres Wed

Journalism Then and Now

Tune in this week to watch the debut of our new show, Journalism Now and Then, which aims to provide perspectives on the field of journalism through a historical lens. Klein College Master of Journalism student Paige Murray invites guests to discuss chapters in journalism’s past in order to highlight what reporting the news means now.

This episode takes a look at the legacy of seminal broadcast journalist, Edward R. Murrow. Featuring archival footage, host Paige Murray speaks on Murrow’s impact on the course of broadcast journalism with guest Aaron Quanbeck, broadcast journalist and Professor of Journalism at Minnesota State University. Through this lens, they provide an analysis of the current state of the broadcasting in general. Later, she speaks with Magda Konieczna, author and Professor of Journalism at Klein College, Temple University, about the decline of print media and the solutions provided by nonprofit journalism.

Watch the premiere on Wednesday, July 21 at 1 and 9 p.m.

New film by Temple Pilots comes to TUTV

Temple Pilots: Access Granted

Temple Pilots debuts their latest film, Access Granted, which tells the story of a group of students who get themselves into serious trouble while trying to help a friend in need. After Cassie gets fired from her work-student job due to bad grades, her friends hatch a scheme to hack the University grading database and change her grades. Now the cat is out of the bag, and the group begins changing other students’ grades for money. But when school officials start to catch on to their scheme, the gang must figure out what their next step is… What will they do to get out of this one?

Temple Pilots is a student group formed to help fellow students produce new show ideas for TUTV. With the help and support of TUTV, this program delivers an array of interesting stories in the form of a series of pilots.

Watch the premiere on Wednesday, July 28 at 2 and 10 p.m. only on TUTV.

Watch the latest showcase of student projects

TUTV Student Project Showcase: Summer 2021

Tune in this Wednesday to the summer edition of TUTV Student Project Showcase, a collection of original comedy shorts written, acted and directed by Temple students. A whole new set of students contributed to the creation of this half-hour special consisting of student projects ranging in format from satirical game show, to parody advertisement, to late night comedy show, from Professor Matt Fine’s Media Studies and Production course.

This edition of Showcase includes a chaotic edition of Celebrity Jeopardy (featuring some excellent celebrity impressions), a relatable fable on the pitfalls of contact tracing, followed by an appearance by musical guest ABBATIA, who perform their song “Yucky”.

Watch these and more segments on the TUTV premiere this Wednesday, July 21 at 1:30 and 9:30 p.m.

Audition to host We Need to Talk

Audition to host We Need to TalkInterested in getting involved with TUTV’s first and only all-female talk show? Audition now to start taping this fall!

The semester is around the corner and We Need To Talk is looking to make some additions to their team. There are TWO hosting positions available!

If you or someone you know would like to audition please send an email expressing interest along with your resume to weneedtotalktutv@gmail.com! If you’re not interested in an on-air hosting position, please submit an email and resume anyway as other positions are quickly becoming available. Audition and interview links will be provided upon email submission.

New program “Focus on the Future” debuts Thursday

Focus on the Future: John HelfertyTUTV is proud to add a brand new program to our line-up that examines the frontiers of science and technology through the eyes of Temple University faculty and students.

Focus on the Future seeks to answer a very simple question: what’s next for humanity? To answer this question, we’ll highlight people within the Temple community who are doing pioneering work within the fields of science and technology, pushing mankind into uncharted territory with new and fascinating discoveries that will bring us into the future.

For our debut episode, General Manager Paul Gluck brings in Prof. John Helferty for an interview regarding his work with NASA at the College of Engineering. Together, they look at advances in the American, Russian and Chinese space programs while the world was facing a pandemic, NASA’s plan to explore Venus, and the American and Chinese planetary “rovers” on Mars. They also discuss work being done by Temple Engineering students with NASA studying greenhouse gases.

Watch this wide-ranging discussion regarding what’s on the horizon with space exploration on TUTV this Thursday, July 15 at 2:30 and 10:30 p.m. 

Paths to Wellness returns on Mondays to TUTV

Paths to Wellness

Replacing Black America, which will move to Sundays at 12:30/8:30 p.m., Paths to Wellness will begin airing every Monday in the 11:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. timeslot on TUTV. The program had previously aired on TUTV in years past but will make its return this summer.

Paths to Wellness features a conventionally trained physician, host Christian O’Neil, MD, exploring the world of alternative approaches to healing and wellness. Each episode begins with an interview of an alternative health care practitioner. Prior to each interview, Dr O’Neil personally undergoes the healing therapy being featured, thus providing an opportunity for the audience to actually observe the therapies being practiced rather than merely discussed.

Journalism Profs discuss 19th Amendment history

Klein Lecture: Carolyn Kitch

Along with the centennial of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment in 2020 came the opportunity to discuss the evolution of women’s rights, civil rights and voting rights. Importantly, it continues to offer a chance to focus on the racial, geographic, periodical and political diversity of the suffrage movement, and particularly through the lens of lesser-known activists, publications and ideas that made headlines more than a century ago. In its own time and in its legacies, mediation of the suffrage movement constructed public debates about citizenship – about enfranchisement, representation and political agency – that remain vividly in motion today.

Dr. Carolyn Kitch, the Laura H. Carnell Professor of Journalism and a member of the faculty of the Media and Communication Doctoral Program at Klein College of Media and Communication, recently published a collection of research along with 12 other women scholars titled Front Lines, Front Pages: Media and the Fight for Women’s Suffrage. In the book, Dr. Kitch and others explore the less visible depths of the women’s suffrage movement, exploring the active role of media in shaping public understandings of that movement’s purpose and fate. During a recent installment of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies’ Spring 2021 Graduate Speaker Series, Dr. Kitch spoke about how public memory has transformed the suffrage story over time, in predictable ways but also, amid recent events, in some unexpected ways. The lecture continued into a conversation of how to practice intersectionality in news history research, with a fascinating discussion between Dr. Kitch and Professor of Journalism Dr. Karen Turner ensuing.

Kitch’s work has spanned disciplines outside of media, as a current faculty fellow in the Center for the Humanities at Temple, and as author, co-author or co-editor of five books, as well more than 70 articles and chapters about journalism history, public memory, magazines and gender issues in media.

Watch the full workshop on TUTV this Wednesday, July 14 at 1 and 9 p.m.

Happy Independence Day from TUTV!

Independence Day 2021

TUTV wishes our viewers a wonderful holiday celebration this year. Kick back and relax with your family. In light of the past year, you’ve earned it!

We’ll be airing music programming including Live From Studio G and Essential Songs of Philadelphia to celebrate the 4th of July this year. Take a look at our online programming schedule for the full lineup.

KYWNews Anchor Denise Nakano appears on TUTV

Temple People: Denise Nakano

In a new episode of Temple People, veteran reporter and anchor Denise Nakano joins host Alexis Beckett via Zoom. Nakano recently accepted a position as KYW Newsradio FM 103.9’s Midday News Anchor after spending seventeen years with NBC, where she covered some of the region’s biggest stories and received multiple Emmy Awards in addition to the coveted Edward R. Murrow Award.

Speaking with Alexis, Denise describes the trajectory of her career, taking us from her school days through her various positions at different outlets, all the way to where she is now with KYW. Later, Denise shares the most interesting local stories that she has covered while working in Philadelphia.

To watch the full interview, tune in to TUTV on Thursday, July 8 at 2:30 and 10:30 p.m.

AIDS doc premieres Tuesday on TUTV

Expect a Miracle

Tune in to TUTV to watch Expect A Miracle: Finding Light in the Darkness of a Pandemic, a recent documentary telling the dual story of the AIDS crisis in San Diego and Fraternity House–the only hospice in North San Diego County that took patients near death to give them a safe place to die with dignity and love. The riveting film centers on a handful of everyday people who became heroes.

As scientific advancements progressed, changing the nature of the disease, Fraternity House also changed its general purpose – now giving the same population a place to re-learn how to live.

Produced and directed by Jonathan Hammond, this documentary was released in 2020 and is even more relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic.

TUTV is airing the program in celebration of Pride Month on Tuesday, June 29 at 1 and 9 p.m. Watch it online or on Comcast 50/Verizon 45 within Philadelphia city limits.

Marc Lamont Hill expands on his latest book this Wed

Klein College Lecture Series: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

The uprising of 2020 marked a new phase in the unfolding Movement for Black Lives. The brutal killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor–and countless other injustices large and small–were the match that lit the spark of the largest protest movement in US history, a historic uprising against racism and the politics of disposability that the COVID-19 pandemic lays bare.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, the Steve Charles Professor of Media, Cities and Solutions at Klein College of Media and Communication at Temple University, recently published an urgent and incisive collection of new interviews bookended by two new essays, We Still Here: Pandemic, Policing, Protest and Possibility.

During a recent installment of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies’ Spring 2021 Graduate Speaker Series, Dr. Hill spoke about these essays, which critically examine the “pre-existing conditions” that have led us to this moment of crisis and upheaval, guiding us through both the perils and possibilities, and helping us imagine an abolitionist future.

Watch this lecture in full on TUTV this Wednesday, June 23 at 1 and 9 p.m.