Queer Temple Returns

Queer Temple Episode 17 Gender Based ViolenceA

Join Laila Paige on the latest episode of Queer Temple, where she explores the complex and sensitive topic of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) with special guests May Booth and Carla Reyes – both Education Specialists from the Mazzoni Center, and Scott Sprunger from the Lutheran Settlement House. The conversation centers around the various forms of GBV, which is defined as any violent behavior that is directed at someone based on their gender or sexuality. The guests share their insights and experiences, highlighting the devastating impact that GBV can have on individuals and communities alike.

Queer Temple, TUTV’s first LGBTQIA+ series, is an inspiring creation by the talented Temple students Christopher Smith and Andreas Copes. Through the eyes of LGBTQIA+ individuals, the show sheds light on current events, history, and life in the queer community, encouraging viewers to embrace diversity and celebrate the richness of our differences.

Tune in to TUTV Friday, March 22, at 12:00 & 8:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Womens Hist Month

This March, join TUTV in celebrating Women’s History Month with a lineup of programs that will captivate and inspire you. From fascinating documentaries showcasing women’s achievements throughout history to engaging panel discussions exploring women’s challenges and triumphs today, we have something for everyone. This includes insightful biographies that dig deep into the lives of extraordinary women and original programs produced by talented students that offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues. Some of the programs included this month are:

Tune in to TUTV and templetv.net all month long.


In Performance Returns

In Performance Joe BagliaA

In Performance on TUTV celebrates the diverse and vibrant music scene of Philadelphia. This program, produced by TUTV Practicum students,  showcases talented and passionate local artists with live studio performances and in-depth interviews. From soulful singers and indie rock bands to hip-hop artists and jazz ensembles, the show features a wide range of musical genres, offering a unique experience to music lovers.

On this episode of In Performance, host Maggie Fitzgerald welcomes Temple Alum Joe Baglia to the stage. Joe returned to the Nest as an adjunct professor to inspire some of the youngest talent at the Klein College of Media and Communication. Fueled by his passion for music,c he has served many local musicians, families, and students. Together, they discuss Joe’s musical roots, inspirations, and more. Later, Joe performs “Sleepy Joe” and “Never Dug.”

Tune in to TUTV Friday, March 15, at 11:30 am & 7:30 pm, or watch anytime on templetv.net.


Artists Among Us Returns

Artists Among Us Episode 2 MusicA

Artists Among Us is a creative new TUTV Orginal Program created, produced, and directed by KLN ’25 graduate Melanie Spiegel. The program offers a unique perspective on the vibrant Philadelphia art scene. Artists Among Us aims to highlight the work of local artists and their significant contributions to the Philadelphia communities. Through interviews, studio visits, and behind-the-scenes footage, Artists Among Us provides viewers with an in-depth look at the creative process and the people behind it. From painters and sculptors to musicians and performance artists, this program celebrates the diversity and creativity of Philadelphia’s art community.

In this music-based episode (recorded in the fall of 2023), new hosts Rachel Williams and Naya Ng are joined by the musicians of the band So Long Surfer: Eric Juelke (guitarist/singer), Kyle Ciarrocchi (guitarist/singer), Max Fabiszewski (bassist), and Noah Uy (drummer). They discuss their music, friendships, musical process, and more. Later, Artists Among Us visits Bell Tower Records Studio G for a Q & A session with student music producers Jo Burch and Kyle Campo. Find out what it means to be “Studio G Certified,” what inspires them to do music production and a behind-the-scenes mini-tutorial on how to mix vocals into music.

Tune in to TUTV on Wednesday, March 13, at 12:00 & 8:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.

Click HERE to see the pilot episode of Artists Among Us featuring photographer Joseph Labolito.

12th Annual Sports Media Summit


The Claire Smith Center for Sports Media at Klein College of Media and Communication hosts its Sports Media Summit every year. During the event, attendees connect with top editors, videographers, and leaders in sports media working in Philadelphia and around the country.

This year’s 12th annual event featured two keynote speakers: Billy King, former general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, and ESPN SportsCenter anchor Nicole Briscoe. This year’s Sports Media Summit also features a panel discussion on the NFL, including three Klein College alum: Carly Mascitti, Alexa Ross, and Lindsey Moppert. Mascitti, a 2016 graduate, reports on the Browns for WEWS TV in Cleveland. Ross, a 2018 graduate, covers the Colts for CBS4 and Fox59 in Indianapolis. Moppert, a 2022 graduate, covers the Bills for WGRZ (NBC2) in Buffalo. Along with keynote speakers, this panel will provide valuable insights into the world of sports media.

Tune in to TUTV on Sunday, March 10, at 1:00 PM or watch anytime on Templetv.net.

The Vibe

The Vibe Episode 34A

Check out the latest episode of The Vibe hosted by Bruce Claxton and Jocelyn Hockaday, where they lead insightful discussions about the representation of hip-hop in fashion and media. The episode features a fun fashion game that viewers can play along with. Randi Lane, DJ Britton, Kasey Thorpe, and Lauren Jackson join as panelists to add depth and perspective to the conversation.

Created by journalism alumni Nydja Hood, The Vibe is Temple University’s first hip-hop culture and music television show, which provides a platform for artists at Temple and beyond. On The Vibe, students discuss what is trending in popular culture and feature rappers, poets, singers, and more.

Tune in to TUTV Friday, March 1, at 3:30 & 11:30 PM or watch anytime on Templetv.net

Queer Temple Returns

Queer Temple 16 Young Black and QueerC

On this episode of Queer Temple, Laila Paige hosts a discussion with members of the young black LGBTQ+ community. Laila is joined by Temple University students Jumira Justice (she/her), a psychology major; Thalia Lash (they/them), a media business major; and Alana Palmer (she/her), a graphic and interactive design major. Together, they talk about their experiences as queer individuals and how their gender identity has evolved. As college students who identify as both black and queer, they reflect on their unique experiences. Later, they discuss the joys of being part of the LGBTQ+ community, the representation of queer black artists in the music industry, and more!

Tune in to TUTV Friday, February 23, at 12:00 & 8:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.

Queer Temple is TUTV’s first LGBTQIA+ series, co-created by Temple Alumni Christopher Smith and Andreas Copes. The program examines the world through the eyes of LGBTQIA+ individuals, focusing on current events, history, and life in the queer community.

Feel Good Cooking Returns

Feel Good Cooking S5 E1 Comfort FoodAOn the semester premiere of Feel Good Cooking, your new hosts, Jackie Spinrad and Kiara (Ki) Brown, are here to kick off a brand-new season filled with unforgettable moments and mouth-watering recipes. In this challenge, Jackie and Ki will put their culinary skills to the test by recreating each other’s favorite comfort foods with a unique twist. Jackie will attempt to recreate Ki’s favorite lamb chop meal, while Ki will try to replicate Jackie’s homemade chili recipe. Get ready for a season full of exciting challenges and delicious dishes!

Feel Good Cooking was created by Temple alumni Seth Carney and produced by Temple students. Each episode features a different and delicious recipe, along with special guests who join the host in the kitchen. Together, they provide all the necessary tools and tips to help you become a master chef.

Tune in to TUTV Monday, February 19, at 12:00 & 8:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net

We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk 23 Social MediaC

TUTV’s inaugural all-female talk show, We Need To Talk, features a diverse group of female hosts who offer a fresh and unique perspective on current events and the latest trends in beauty and fashion. In addition, they share their personal experiences, making the show a dynamic and engaging platform for discussing a wide range of topics.

On this episode of We Need To Talk, hosts – Rachel Williams, Gabriela Mancini, Naya Ng, and Mia Lepage have an open discussion about Social Media. But before they get into the topic, Skylar Johnson and Allie Rizzuto present a special football segment on how Taylor Swift has made Football even more popular. Then, the hosts discuss various topics, such as the impact of social media on our lives, the difference between real and virtual life, and how media shapes our personality. They explore some thought-provoking questions, like whether social media can ever be casual again, how it affects our personal identity, and how it prevents us from enjoying the present moment. Don’t miss this enlightening dialogue about the profound effects of social media on our daily lives. Tune in to TUTV on Wednesday, February 14, at 2:30 & 10:30 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net

Celebrate Black History Month

Talking Black In America

This February, join TUTV in celebrating African Americans’ rich history, culture, and communities.  Tune in to TUTV all month long for a series of programs that include captivating documentaries, engaging panel discussions, insightful biographies, and student-produced original programs that will inspire, educate, and uplift your spirits.  Some of the programs included this month are:

Talking Black in America

Black America
A History of Black Achievement in America
An American Story – Race Amity and the Other Tradition
Sheer Good Fortune: Celebrating Toni Morrison
An Evening With Franklin Thomas
Detroit Civil Rights Trilogy
I am a Man from Memphis
Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson’s American Journey
A Broader View: Race & Gender In Sports
The Cotton Club: The Musicians’ Story
Our American Family- The Clarks

New and encore episodes of original programs such as The Vibe and We Need To Talk will also be featured.

Tune in to TUTV and Templetv.net all month long.

Temple Update Returns

Get ready for the Spring 2024 premiere of Temple Update: Temple Update is a weekly, half-hour news program produced, written, directed, and anchored by Temple students. Temple Update focuses on news and events on campus and anywhere there may be a story of interest to the greater Temple community.

This semester, we welcome an all-new Cherry and White team lineup.

Cherry Team: Maggie Fitzgerald & Alissa Clausell (Anchors), Christian Lee (Sports), and Paulina Carr (Weather)

White Team: Brianna Fallon & Joe Habersham (Anchors), Kayla Stewart (Sports), and Madeline Gillespie (Weather)

Don’t miss the live premiere on Thursday, February 15, at 10:00 am with a replay at 6:00 pm on TUTV and templetv.net.


The Vibe Returns

The Vibe 32B

Created by journalism student Nydja Hood, The Vibe is Temple University’s first hip-hop culture and music television show, providing a platform for artists at Temple and beyond. On The Vibe, students discuss what is trending in popular culture and feature rappers, poets, singers, and more.

On the latest episode of The Vibe, Bruce Claxron takes the lead with all new segments. Watch as students Ale’yah and Jerome challenge each other in a new music trivia game, putting their knowledge of Hip-Hop and R&B to the test. Bruce then engages in a stimulating conversation with Assistant Professor Osei Alleyne, who shares expert insights on the purpose, inspiration, and influence of Hip-Hop Media & Cultural Communication. Finally, Professor Osei performs in-studio.

Tune in to TUTV Friday, February 9, at 3:30 & 11:30 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.

OwlSports Update


Are you a sports enthusiast looking for the latest updates on Temple University’s intercollegiate sports? OwlSports Update has you covered! This live weekly production is brought to you by talented Temple University students who produce, film, edit, and anchor the show.

Join Natalie Koranda and Paddy Heckard on the White Team and Meg Doyle and Micheal Mirville on the Cherry Team as they bring you the latest news and developments in Temple’s sports scene. Don’t miss out on the excitement! Tune in to TUTV and templetv.net LIVE every Thursday at 12:00 PM with a replay at 8:00 PM all semester long.

Temple SMASH Returns

Temple Smash 1502A

Temple Smash is Temple University’s first and only televised variety show, produced for students by students. Taped in front of a live studio audience in TV Studio 1 of Annenberg Hall at Klein College, the show features an array of talented acts, including original sketch comedy, musical groups, dancers, stand-up comics, short films, and more.

On this episode of Temple Smash, the crew pulls off another highly entertaining episode with their over-the-top skits, segments, and a performance by “Under Review.” Prepare to burst into laughter as you enjoy the hilarious and imaginative skits presented by the crew in this episode.

  • “Cut The Cord”
  • “Googoo Gaga”
  • “Man On The Moon”
  • “Nerves of Lead”
  • “The Most Amazing 3rd Date”
  • “Top Dog”
  • “Elijah’s Party”
  • “Ice Ale”
  • “Senior Prom”
  • “St. Paddys Day”
  • “Top 10 Epic Rap Battles”

Tune in to TUTV Saturday, January 27 at 5:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net

Temple Tonight Returns

Temple Tonight 36 With Running In CirclesA

Temple Tonight is TUTV’s first late-night talk show, showcasing an impressive lineup of features, including hilarious stand-up comedy, insightful interviews with notable personalities, captivating musical performances, and more!

On this Halloween-themed episode of Temple Tonight, recorded in the fall of 2023, Madeline Gillespie hosts a program full of comedy, creativity, and cool performances. Brace yourself for a wild ride packed with hilarious man-on-the-street interviews, a spine-tingling trip to Eastern State Penitentiary’s Halloween Nights, and an in-studio interview with Philadelphia’s very own indie band, Running in Circles, who also performs on the show.

Tune in to TUTV on Saturday, January 27, at 3:30 & 11:30 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.