Fall 2023

In this latest Fall 2023 Student Project Showcase, Temple University students display their skills, highlighting their talent and hard work by applying lessons learned in the classroom to produce three original student-led productions. First, “The James Show,” featuring special guests Varsha Senthil and Jeremy Delia. Then, in a segment called “In Front Of One Palm with Earl Kufen,” Earl is joined by special guests Gwendoline Palindrome and Barry Files. Later, see some satirical news briefs from Temple University on “Cherry on Top” with co-anchors Luke Cordrey and Oliver Hough. Lastly, Kennedy Brown breaks down some hot topics in the final segment. From start to finish, this Student Project Showcase is filled with quality entertainment and satire, including commercial spoofs for the “J-Filter,” “Aim’s Spiritual World,” and movie trailers for “Watergirl: The Woman Behind The Gloves.”