TUTV Student Project Showcase

A collection of student projects by Temple students, including a TVC informercial for the new product “Bauce Soss”; a morning news show “Wake up, Owls!” featuring magician Teddy Trix; “OwlFits”, a fashion show that will ruffle your fashion feathers; and a dating show, “Stella’s Love Nest” where Curtis and Roy fight for bachelorette Kirsten’s love.

“TVC: Bauce Soss”: Jane Vitelli, Maya Tejada, James Hakowski, Carley Hakowski, Sumayyah Carter, Chris Riley, Sydney Liao, Xavier Isme, and Derek Chapman

“Wake up, Owls!”: Jack Byrne, Nicholas Eiser, Natalie Ulloa, Jeffery Atella, Maddy Leopold, Alec Bantivoglio, Katelyn Barbour, Isaiah Graham-Mobley, and Tenzin Samphel

“OwlsFits”: Collin Hilt, Niara Wilcox, Luke Creighton, Justin Walters, Monica Bowden, Alexander Choi, and Savannah Fleig

“Stella’s Love Nest”: Jimmy Freas, Angelica Packers, Taylor Vasilik, Keith Nixon, Maria Di Pietro, Lauren Horne, Nicholas Moore, Jake Zebley, and Jeremy Wallace

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