Student Project Showcase: Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 Student Project Showcase was created by talented Klein students from the Fall 2021 semester. This showcase includes:

  • “I Can’t Believe That Happened to You” – Carsten Schlag (Producer) & Kole Long (Director)
  • “Ben’s Morning Brew” – Jo Zerra (Producer), Haya Qubbaj, & Brendan Peachy (Directors)
  • “TU For You”
  • “Holiday Special Recipe” – Kyle Schembri (Producer) & Sara Catelli (Director)
  • “Do You Want To Be a Millionaire” – Kayla Owens (Producer), Andy Ottenbreit (Director)
  • “Between Two Chairs” – Ruby Ginsburg, Leigha Evans (Producers), & Joelle DelPrete (Director)

Watch the program to see how students are using lessons learned in the classroom and recognize the rest of the talent whose hard work made these projects possible.


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