Happy Holidays


TUTV wishes you and your family a happy holiday season! To celebrate, tune in to our various holiday marathons. Starting Sunday, December 24, we’ll have holiday programming extending through Monday for a weekend of holiday cheer!

It all begins at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday with A Christmas Carol, followed by a Holiday-themed episode of Jack BennyHoliday Cartoons, and more, culminating in Holiday Yule Log in the evening. On December 25, we’ll air classics like Little Lord FauntleroyMarch of the Wooden Soldiers, Angel on My Shoulderand much more!

For New Year’s Eve, we’ll air our favorite music programs from the American Music Research Foundation (AMRF), Jook Joint, and Genghis BluesThen, on January 1, TUTV will ring in the new year with a Sherlock Holmes marathon.

Click on the corresponding date for the full schedule: December 24, 2023, December 25, 2023, December 31, 2023