Episode 602

Episode 602

As always, Temple Smash introduces a range of characters through their skits and digital shorts.…

Episode 601

Episode 601

Includes “Interview With A Senator”, “Peggy Flemmings”, “Winton”, “Samurai Style”, “Sex Talk”, “Victorian Lullabies”, and more!…

Episode 504

Episode 504

Opening up, the audience is treated to courtesy rain ponchos in case a Temple splash event should occur.…

Episode 503

Episode 503

Includes “Silent Knight”, “Temple Made”, “Hot Breakin’ Beats”, “Wild West”, “Turn Right”, “Good Cop, Pizza Cop”, “Intervention” and more!…

Episode 502

Partial cast of Temple Smash

Temple Smash is the best of both worlds with a plethora of digital shorts and live stage performances, including many skits revolving around campus life such as a mock Temple news broadcast.

Episode 501

Partial cast of Temple Smash

The 2014 season premiere of Temple Smash is an instructive program that shows you exactly what to expect when your friend group includes a robot, or a bunch of Satanists, or if you forget to write an ending to a joke, or what it means if you end up in a class with a loud older man who wants to be your buddy.…

Episode 404

Temple Smash Episode 404 Image 1

Temple Smash presents a twisted episode of Great Morning America wherein we learn the danger of memory-boosting foods; a tale of caution that chronicles the sordid history of Temple Smash itself; a sexy soap opera spoof; as well as a lesson in truth starring the Magic Eight Ball incarnate.…

Episode 403

Temple Smash Episode 403

Temple Smash’s Season 4 finale puts together a mix of shorts and sketches for this hour long variety show.…

Episode 402


Temple Smash showcases a variety of sketches centering around the holidays.…

Temple Smash: Clips

Temple Smash 106 - Monologue Clip


Temple Smash 106 - Hippie Dippy Clip

Hippie Dippy

Temple Smash 106 - Biscuits and Gravy Clip

Biscuits and Gravy

Temple Smash 106 - Crew Song Clip

Crew Song