Episode 1302

Temple Smash returns with an all-new season of hilarity and hijinks! In this premiere episode, writers Abby Barringer, Renata Rabinovich, Charles Anzalone, Ross Aronow, Corinna Boek, Julie Fosco, Andrew O’Neill, and Sophia Stringer jump right in and showcase a mixed bag of comedy skits guaranteed to make you chuckle.

Join the ensemble cast of Nate Wilkie, CJ Snyder, Ryan Jacob, Andrew O’Neill, Josh Berger, Isa Sanguinetti, Charlie Trowbridge, Caris Daneker, Jo Zera, Matthew Charles-Larivaud, Michael Mirville, Morgan Killian-Moseley, Sequoia Gawlik Daria Rylkina, Gabby Natale, Jayla Phelps, Julie Fosco, Ross Aronow, Jordan Atkins, Jackson Sweeney, Renata Rabinovich, Charles Anzalone, Brendan O’Brien, and Jessica Stahl for all of the laughs.

This Episode Includes The Following Skits

  • “Soap” Directed By Charles Anzalone
  • “Secret Santa” Directed By Ross Aronow
  • “Murder Mystery” Directed By Andrew O’Neill & Ross Aronow
  • “Nachos” Directed by Renata Rabinovich
  • “Theater Kids” Directed By Julie Fosco
  • “Book Club” Directed By Sophie Stringer
  • “Freezy” Directed By Corinna Boeck
  • “Banana Peel” Directed By Julie Fosco & Lucas Summers
  • “Couples Therapy” Directed By Renata Rabinovich
  • “Video Store” Directed By Emma Moschetti & Ross Aronow
  • “Baby Be Grounded” Directed By Corinna Boeck & Josh Berger
  • “Lemonade Stand” Directed By Sophie Stringer


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