1971: Media, PA FBI Burglary Film and Panel Discussion

50 years have passed since a group of activists burglarized an FBI office, uncovering an illegal surveillance system used to watch and infiltrate the lives of American citizens who were involved in non-violent anti-Vietnam War protests and other civil rights groups. The burglarization, coined MEDBURG, revealed counterintelligence planted on activist groups and the existence of the infamous COINTELPRO operation. To commemorate the anniversary, these activists, along with the Washington Post reporter who exposed the crimes and various guests, returned to the scene of the crime: Media, PA.

On September 1, 2021, those involved reconvened to unveil a dedicated historical marker in Media Borough and to shed light on the significance of these events fifty years ago. Temple University’s own Dean David Boardman and Professor Marc Lamont Hill attended the commemoration. A screening of the 1971 documentary, which breaks down and portrays the events of that night, was hosted along with a discussion panel by Lamont Hill.

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