Klein Lecture: Mia Consalvo

Welcome to today’s edition of Klein Lecture! We are joined by Dr. Mia Consalvo for “That’s Not a Real Game! How Game Studies, Gamers, and Game Culture Serve as Gat-keepers for Legitimacy in Games”. Here is a little about, Dr. Mia Consalvo…She is a professor and Canada Research Chair in game studies and design at Concordia University in Montreal, has been entrenched in the gaming world for decades, as a member of the Centre for Technoculture, Art & Games (TAG), past president of the Digital Games Research Association, and has held positions at MIT, Ohio University, Chubu University in Japan and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During a recent installment of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies’ Spring 2021 Graduate Speaker Series, Dr. Consalvo spoke about her scholarship.

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