Fall 2014

Nina Caranci hosts the first part of this edition of The Temple Experience with guests Asia Middleton, Jamie Pugh, Francesca Guerriero, Phil Chi, and Kevin Cook. The discussion begins with what it’s like to transfer from a small school to a place like Temple, before moving on to the merits of internships and being open-minded to all opportunities. After a break, Zac Krall steps in as the host and speaks with seniors Michael Barnett, C.J. Bowden, Leandra Dennis and Angela Lally about post-graduation plans, influential professors, and even a few roommate nightmares. Wrapping up the program, Ndidi Obasi serves as the final host of the program as she sits down with Jacob Harrington, Emelia Carmody, Emma Degennaro and Matthew McNamara. The last segment focuses on jobs and organizations outside of Temple, exploring Philadelphia and what changes these seniors would have made if they could do their college education over again.

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