Temple Experience: Fall 2016

Juniors and seniors in the Media Studies & Production program—Jonathan Falu, Robert Lee, Troy Johnson, Amanda Arnold, and Rushell Simmonds—talk about their favorite experiences at Temple, the on-campus activities in which they are involved, what they love about Philly, and advice that they have for underclassmen and prospective students.

Jamar Dick sits down with traditional and nontraditional students in the School of Media and Communication at Temple for the second segment. Gabrielle Verzella, Samantha Blank, and Joshua Lamarra discuss why they chose Temple, what their transition to the Media Studies & Production program and life at Temple was like, how their experiences with student organizations impacted them, and their post-grad plans.

In the third segment, Emma Malefakis, Gabrielle Szczepanek, Tristan Horan, and Ashley Caldwell compare their Temple experiences, how Temple has helped them meet their goals, the challenges they’ve faced, and their future plans.

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