Spring 2018

in the first segment, Laurent Mundela speaks with Media Studies & Production majors–– Adam Miller, Genesis Rodriguez, Dani Halteman–– about why they chose Temple, what they like about being on-campus, tips for incoming students, favorite places to eat, and their best experiences at Temple. Next, Michael Hoffman, Julie White, Madison Sumners, Wanda Le, Yanchen Yu, and Chance Hyndshaw discuss their favorite MSP classes, the best food on campus, their favorite memories from college, and the best places to study. In the third and final segment, Jordan Leibowitz switches things up a bit and asks this group of MSP students what they didn’t like at Temple when they first arrived here at Temple. Kyra Dulcey, Nicole Desanto, Juanita Cortes Otalora, Dylan Lyons, and Nick Hepler tackle bad roommate situations, issues adjusting to life at Temple, and freshman year regrets.


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