Spring 2015

Adam McDonald hosts the first of four segments in this edition of The Temple Experience. He speaks with students Angie Alpizar, Loyce Kute, Matthew Brand, and Davia Dallyabout their hopes for the future, aspirations and plans for their degrees, as well as where they go to get their food truck fix. After a break, Bruce Lord takes the wheel and introduces Chelsey Thompson, Christian Reilly and Sophat Meas. The four discuss the importance of time management and what they would tell themselves as freshmen. Samantha Cojocariu leads the second half of the program, sitting down with Bryan Tur, Sequoia Bey and Ryan Counihan. At the end of their college careers, the students talk about what steered them towards Temple and what it’s like to be taken out of your comfort zone. Closing with the final segment is host Jason Adams, who sits in the studio with four more students: James Harris, Michelle Won, Angel Morales, Max Scholnick. The group delves into the difficulties of commuting, networking and making connections, and getting the most out of the college experience.

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