The Grog Show Special

Jake and Karl sitting at a desk

Viewers are taken back in time for a look at the creators early work before the show, which served as inspiration for the actual show. …


It’s been one year since Karl and Jake  graduated college along with their friends, but they’re both broke and out of work.…


The Grog Show: Housesitting

After watching a marathon of Crazy Bus (a popular action movie franchise) while housesitting for Rachel, Jake, Karl and Dert are inspired to develop extreme ways to fend off potential intruders.…



The Grog Show returns to season three in full swing. Jake and Karl go to buy tacos and are unpleasantly charged with a “taco toll”.…


Jake and Karl have to deal with a new, more popular show, “Gaffer’s Tape” emerging and steeling their viewership.…


While under the pressure of producing their first episode, Karl gets jealous when he sees Jake and Dert becoming friends and attempts to become close friends with Shern.…


In the second season premiere, Jake and Karl struggle on the streets while attempting to sell their show in order to afford an apartment.…


Grog Show 106 - Mystery

Jake and Karl search for some evidence in order to prove that the neighbor is a convicted felon.…


Grog Show 105 - Marcus

Jake and Karl plan a “Patrick’s Day” party, only to discover that the neighbor is throwing a surprise birthday party that same night.…

The Grog Show: Clips

Grog Show 104 - Cereal Clip

Cereal Subplot

Grog Show 103 - Relationship Clip

Relationship Subplot

Grog Show 102 - Business Clip

Business Subplot

Grog Show 101 - Neighbor Clip

Neighbor Subplot