Episode 504

Opening up, the audience is treated to courtesy rain ponchos in case a Temple splash event should occur. An Italian mobster has a heavy conscious after he “scraps” a friend to secure his place as noodle king. A young preacher gathers a gang of youth to park the block. Frank the Builder struggles to build with the loss of his wife Lorraine, and the occasional misplaced mouse trap. Michael’s trip to dentist turns from sweet to sour as A Clockwork Orange scene ensues involving a lollipop. A man is trapped with all his bananas. A young man gains the ability to fly from a magical bed sheet that takes him across the city inspiring people from all over to do good. A father in a circus is fed up with the life and runs out on his only son. A young English boy tries to fool a stranger into believing her bike is not her imaginary friend Henry. Three detectives try to solve a double homicide by making all the wrong moves.

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