Don’t Go To College

In the Spring Semester of 2010, The Temple News followed the day in the life of three individuals with three very different stories. Syreeta Martin is a 21-year-old single mother who takes 15 credits, raises two young daughters and also works part-time. She has overcome huge financial hurdles to remain in college. Dan Dunphy is president of Temple’s College Democrats who works full-time in a councilwoman’s office in City Hall. Dunphy’s parents sacrificed part of their retirement to send their son to college. Jacob Francis, 22, graduated Temple in January 2010 and is working in retail until he finds a job at a radio station. He recently visited his family in Pottstown, PA and looked back on his college experience. This is their story.

Produced by Mari Saito
Edited by Justin McGoldrick, Ian Rose
Footage by Annie Bydlon, Carmen Emmi, Joshua Fleury, David Fraser, Sean O’Brien, Sartaj Phanda, and Ian Rose
Music by City Rain

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