The Art of Pivoting

In the business world, pivoting is an art. It’s not typically a quick movement, but a more gradual change over time. On this episode of High Flying Owls, Dwight Carey speaks with two Temple alumni who have mastered this slow pivot in their careers.

Dr. Dean Ruday graduated from Temple School of Pharmacy, but later switched to podiatry and is now Chief of Podiatry at Jefferson Hospital. Pivoting from pharmacy to podiatry, he then pivoted to entrepreneur and has opened multiple practices. While treating patients is easy, the finances, paperwork, and regulatory side of business can be challenging, and he has had to learn the business side of medicine on the fly.

Alex Garashchenko is the founder of Doodle Applications. What started with advertising in notebooks led to online advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and eventually, website design. As integrated website builders and web development platforms like Squarespace and Wix have become more popular, his business pivoted to focusing more on integrations or business automation processes and robotics.

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