Episode 30

Episode 30

Hear about the many ways people have reinvented their businesses during the pandemic.…

Episode 29

Episode 29

Gain an understanding of state efforts to restrict voting rights and the climate around voting laws in the nation in this edition of  A Broader View.

Episode 28

A Broader View: Episode 28
Professor Karen Turner is joined by Dr. Tiffenia Archie, Dr. Leslie Wilson, and Reverend Damaris Walker to discuss the current political climate in the United States

Episode 27

A Broader View: Episode 27

As the weather is getting colder and people are forced to stay inside, how will the second wave of the pandemic affect communities of color and what is being done to help?…

Episode 26

A Broader View: Episode 26

This episode of A Broader View features segments from Rjaa Ahmed, who explores voter suppression tactics, and Emmanuella Pierre, who looks at the higher-than-usual youth vote anticipated in the 2020 Presidential Election.…

Episode 25

A Broader View: Episode 25

This episode of A Broader View features co-hosts Courtney Murphy and Leanne Spiegle, who discuss the “Karen” meme on social media and the impact of riots on local Black-owned businesses during the #BlackLivesMatter protests.…

Episode 24

A Broader View: Episode 24

This episode looks at the 2020 New Hampshire primary through the eyes of three Temple University Master of Journalism students.…

Episode 23

A Broader View: Episode 23

A Broader View asks the question, are college students being exploited?…

Episode 22

A Broader View: Episode 22

This edition of A Broader View concerns itself with conversations regarding local and national politics alike.…