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Artists Among Us

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Artists Among Us Logo

Hosted, produced, and directed by Melanie Spiegel, Artists Among Us is an all-new TUTV program that highlights the work of local artists and their work in our communities. In this pilot episode, Mel speaks with Philadelphia Photographer Joseph Labolito and discusses his collection of images from the 80s and into the early 2000s. Along the way, Joseph shares his behind-the-scenes process, first-hand accounts, and stories. Then, Mel sits down with Margery Sly, the director of The Special Collections Research Center. Together they discuss her process, her contribution to the center, and how she helped Joseph make his artwork available. Lastly, Mel teaches us how to take a perfect photo.

Tune in to TUTV Friday, June 9, at 12:00 & 8:00 pm, or watch anytime on


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2023 Children’s Media Career Symposium

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2023 Children's Media SymposiumB

The fifth annual Children’s Media Career Symposium brought to you by, The Center for Media and Informations Literacy is hosted by Sherri Hope Culver and is an opportunity to learn about the industry firsthand from leaders in content creation, animation, podcasts, marketing, research, and entrepreneurship. The following talented panel of speakers discusses trends in production, marketing, research, writing, and more in the children’s media industry.

Anne Lund | Senior Director, Curriculum and Content | PBS Kids

David Kleeman | Senior Vice President, Global Trends | Dubit Limited

Caitlin Corkery | Senior Manager Series Production | WHYY Public Television

Jodi Nussbaum | Chief Operational Tinkerer | Tinkercast

Rosemarie Truglio, Ph.D. | Senior Vice President, Curriculum and Content | Sesame Workshop

Rick Fernandes | Senior Director | Original Series Noggin | Paramount

Courtney Wong Chin | Director of Learning Insights & Design at Noggin | Paramount

Karen Martin | Vice President of Programming | Children’s Media Association

Tune in to TUTV Wednesday, May 31, at 1:30 & 9:30 pm or watch anytime at

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The Temp

The Temp Episode 8 Spring 2023 FinaleA

The Temp Episode 8 Spring 2023 FinaleC

The Temp, initially created by Klein College of Media and Communication students and now a course in the Journalism Department, covers social, lifestyle, and political news, in a format that aims to set itself apart from traditional broadcasts. The Temp hopes to bring light to the hottest issues in and around Philadelphia through innovative push-the-boundary reporting.

In this in-depth semester finale, The Temp covers the major news headlines of 2023. Hosted by Jake Leonard and Lexi Gwynn, the show focuses on important topics, including the resignation of former Temple University president Jason Wingard, the influence of Gen Z voters, updates on SEPTA’s “Bus Revolution 2.0,” and more. Correspondent Jetta Holiday explores Chester County City’s efforts to revive local businesses, while Claire Bower visits The Philadelphia Flower Show. Emma Gelatt takes viewers to “The Resource Exchange,” an ideal destination for artists seeking sustainable materials. Madeline Gillespie leads a captivating tour highlighting the diverse women who played a role in shaping Philadelphia. Finally, the hosts explore “Story Slams,” an intimate event where firsthand stories are shared up close and personal.

Tune in to TUTV on Friday, May 26, at 12:00 & 8:00 pm or watch anytime on

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Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2023 Blog Slide

Happy Memorial Day 2023

This Memorial Day, watch TUTV and indulge in nostalgia with a full day of Remembering When a TV history retrospective show that features old TV spots and programs. The Remembering When marathon begins at 10:00 am on May 29th and last all day. It will feature notable early TV hits like Dragnet, The Betty White Show, and more. Tune in online or on Comcast 50 and Verizon 45 within the city of Philadelphia.


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The Temple Experience



The Temple Experience highlights Temple seniors’ experiences at Temple University and their plans after graduation.

In this loaded episode of The Temple Experience, Temple Spring 2023 students spin a wheel filled with varying categories and embark on a trip down memory lane. They discuss topics ranging from their initial day experiences, preferred classes, lessons they wish they had known from the start, and everything in between. Join Ashleigh Dzomba, Hannah Morris, Kayla Owens, Daina Garvey, Brandi Biting, Jack Difiore, Alana Herman, Allison Daugherty, Ahn’yae Hedgepeth, Lauren Wall, Eric Mawhinney, and Macey Di Lello as they reflect on their time and offer valuable insights to current and future Temple University students, revealing what the Temple Experience is really like.

Tune in to TUTV Wednesday, May 24, at 1:30 & 9:30 pm or watch anytime on

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2023 N.A.T.A.S. Mid-Atlantic



On Tuesday, May 16th at 9:30 AM EDT, please join us online at as the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of N.A.T.A.S. (the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences ) recognizes excellence in the captivating video content being produced by inspired high school students across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. We are proud to present the 2023 N.A.T.A.S Mid-Atlantic High School Production Awards. This TUTV web exclusive event will be originating LIVE from the Temple Performing Arts Center on North Broad Street. Click here to watch.


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The Vibe Returns

The Vibe Episode 28B


Created by journalism student Nydja Hood, The Vibe is Temple University’s first hip-hop culture and music television show, providing a platform for artists at Temple and beyond. On The Vibe, students discuss what is trending in popular culture and feature rappers, poets, singers, and more.

On this episode of The Vibe, hosts Jocelyn Hockaday and Bruce Claxton, along with correspondents Lauren Jackson and Kimora McAlphin, bring you 30 minutes of back-to-back entertainment. This show has everything from Lauren and Kimora’Kimora’s album reviews and song recommendations to Jocelyn and Bruce polling your answers on Instagram. Later, stay tuned to the end of the program for performances by Derick White and Josiah Roggio in a new improv challenge called “Off The Dome.”

Tune in to TUTV on Friday, May 19, at 3:30 & 11:30 pm, or watch anytime at

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Temple Esports Central


temple_e-sports_central Open GRX

Temple University students created Temple Esports Central to be a one-stop shop for all information relating to the Esports world at Temple University and beyond. In each episode, the hosts will break down what Esports is and where to find it around campus. In addition, the program features firsthand interviews with Temple Esports players in the Temple Esports practice studio located in Gladfelter Hall.
In this pilot episode of Temple Esports Central, hosts Alex Wentz and Daniel Briglia break down what Esports is all about and where you can find the Esports world on Temple University’s Campus. First, the hosts interview Luca Rizzolo, an Apex Legends team member at Temple University. Then, host Kelly-Ann Palmer tours the Esports practice space and gets firsthand interviews with Temple Esports players Joe Franz, Cole Murray, and Michael Tarquinio. They discuss what it means to be a professional Esports player and how they balance school, other professional sports, and more!

Tune in to TUTV and Wednesday, May 17, at 2:30 & 10:30 pm.

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The Uptick Returns

UpTick Episode 2C

Uptick 2 For Blog

The Uptick shares what’s new and impactful around Temple and Philadelphia communities. In addition, the program explores the connection of this community to prominent issues around the globe. In this episode, hosts Emily Cochran, Brianna Fallon, Nathan Mutale, and Meg Doyle cover many topics. First, Nathan highlights one of the 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show‘s most inspiring exhibits, displayed by Black Girl Florists founder Valerie Crisostomo. Then, Brianna talks with the founder and CEO of Blk Ivy Thrift, a small thrift store with a big message to educate people about black history while selling clothes that reflect items worn during the civil rights movement. Later, Emilie looks inside an inspiring relationship between a longtime coach and an aspiring basketball player. Finally, Nathan and Meg welcome special guest; award-winning journalist, podcast host, author, and president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, Ernest Owens. They discuss his recently released book, The Case For Cancel Culture, PABJ, and much more. After the show, the hosts reflect on the conversation with Ernest and discuss what impacted them the most.

Tune in to this engaging conversation Wednesday, May 10, at 2:30 & 10:30 pm on TUTV  or watch anytime at

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2023 Temple University Commencement

generic commencement

generic commencement

On the morning of Thursday, May 11, 2023, graduates will gather for Temple University’s 136th Commencement ceremony to celebrate this significant milestone.  Commencement signifies the culmination of a student’s academic achievement. It is a time when graduates, family, and friends gather to reflect on their past and look ahead to the future.

Tune in to TUTV and at 9:30 am on Thursday, May 11, to see graduating seniors walk and honorary degree recipients honored at the 136th Temple University Commencement, which is held in the Liacouras Center at 1776 N. Broad St.

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Temple Update Senior Send Off

050423 Update Senior Send Off

Temple Update is a weekly, half-hour news program written, directed, and anchored by Temple students. The program focuses on news and events on campus, in the surrounding area, and anywhere there may be a story of interest to the greater Temple community. Every year, the graduating seniors of Temple Update anchor, produce, and direct the semester finale, where they get one last chance to showcase their student broadcasting talents. You will see some familiar and not-so-familiar faces as some of the regular behind-the-scenes crew make their debut on the screen. Congratulations, Olivia Benner, Chris Berger, Corinna Boeck, Justin Borowski, Porter Deacon, Shawnai DuBoise, Jette Holiday, Sylvana Kelleher, Ahn’yae Hedgepeth, Jessica McNamara, Emma Newman-Holden, Kathryn Oleary, Haya Qubbaj, Donovan Williamson, Nicole Williamson-Rouse, and Jo Zera.

Tune in to TUTV and for this very special finale Thursday, May 4, at 10:00 am & 6:00 pm.

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Temple Flashback Returns



Temple Flashback is a program where you meet the talented and accomplished Temple graduates who are helping to shape the media we consume and produce in the region, across the nation, and worldwide. In this episode of Temple Flashback, host Ashleigh Dzomba sits down with Lu Ann Cahn, an award-winning journalist, author, and Director Of Career Services for Klein College Of Media And Communication at Temple University. Lu Ann discusses her career in journalism, her approach to storytelling, and her battle with Breast cancer. In addition, Lu Ann shares her insights on the world of media and communication, how she is launching the next generation of multi-media professionals at Temple University and much more.

Tune in to TUTV and Thursday, May 4, at 12:00 & 8:00 pm. 

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The World At Temple Returns

The World At Temple Episode 20

The World At Temple Episode 20

The World at Temple is the first and only TUTV talk show that covers international student events at Temple University. On this episode of The World At Temple, Syncere Truitt, Rayma Abdalla, and Janelle Vuong welcome multiple guests and informative topics. First, join Janelle Vuong with special guest Sujan Upreti, a first-year Journalism student at Temple University who was born in Nepal and, at five years old, moved to the United States. Hear why he chose Temple University and how he currently pursues his “American dream.” Later, host Rayma discusses the top ten number-one albums worldwide. Finally, the hosts chose Nepal as ‘Today’s Feature Country’ and close out the episode by looking into the country’s culture, lifestyle, and norms.

Tune in to TUTV and Monday, May 1, at 1:30 & 9:30 pm.

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Feel Good Cooking Returns

Feel Good Cooking Episode 4A

Feel Good Cooking Episode 4A

On this episode of Feel Good Cooking, host Seth Carney mixes things up and introduces a cooking competition between Temple Update and OwlSports Update.  Nathan, Maggie, and Hayden from Temple Update take on Sam, Brielle, and Chloe from OwlSports Update. From grocery shopping to the finished product, these two teams race against time to create the best Game Day meal for under $25.  With the help of special guest judges Ben Steenrod, Sydnee Jacques, and Justin Miller, Seth crowns the winner. Who will it be? Temple Update with their Buffalo Chicken Dip Sliders, or OwlSports Update with their Philly Meatball Cheesesteak?

Find out Wednesday, April 26, at 12:00 & 8:00 pm on TUTV and

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We Need To Talk


We Need To Talk Episode 19B

We Need To Talk is TUTV’s first all-female talk show. A group of diverse female hosts brings their unique perspectives to current events, the latest trends in beauty and fashion, and their personal lives. On this episode of We Need To Talk, Spring has sprung, and Rachel B., Diana, Naya, and Rachel W. lead the way to bring you their take on various subjects and happenings around town. Hear about the host’s suggestions for fun things to do in Philadelphia in the Spring, find out who won a campus poll for the Hottest Man on the Temple Basketball team (hint, he has wings), and learn some juicy tidbits in the latest edition of “The Hot Seat.” Finally, the women on the desk discuss Women’s History Month and their most significant influences in the industry and beyond.

Tune in to TUTV and Tuesday, May 9, at 12:30 and 8:30 pm. 

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