Temple SMASH Returns

Temple Smash is Temple University’s first and only televised variety show, produced for students by students. The show is taped in front of a live studio audience in TV Studio 1 of Annenberg Hall at Klein College. It features a wide range of talented acts, including original sketch comedy, musical groups, dancers, stand-up comics, short films, and more.

In this episode of Temple Smash, the SMASH crew hits the mark again with their hilarious skits, clever segments, and a musical performance by “Cats On Mushrooms.” The wildly imaginative and over-the-top skits in this episode include: 

  • “Doctor Beep”
  • “Kentucky Derby”
  • “Orphans”
  • “Ricky Homewrecker”
  • “Trip to the Park”
  • “The Chipmunks”
  • “Deathenhaussen”
  • “Hostage Situation”
  • “Relationship Continuity”
  • “How to Read”
  • “Class Pet”
  • “The Bet”