Feel Good Cooking Returns

Feel Good Cooking S5 E1 Comfort FoodAOn the semester premiere of Feel Good Cooking, your new hosts, Jackie Spinrad and Kiara (Ki) Brown, are here to kick off a brand-new season filled with unforgettable moments and mouth-watering recipes. In this challenge, Jackie and Ki will put their culinary skills to the test by recreating each other’s favorite comfort foods with a unique twist. Jackie will attempt to recreate Ki’s favorite lamb chop meal, while Ki will try to replicate Jackie’s homemade chili recipe. Get ready for a season full of exciting challenges and delicious dishes!

Feel Good Cooking was created by Temple alumni Seth Carney and produced by Temple students. Each episode features a different and delicious recipe, along with special guests who join the host in the kitchen. Together, they provide all the necessary tools and tips to help you become a master chef.

Tune in to TUTV Monday, February 19, at 12:00 & 8:00 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net