Celebrate Black History Month

Talking Black In America

This February, join TUTV in celebrating African Americans’ rich history, culture, and communities.  Tune in to TUTV all month long for a series of programs that include captivating documentaries, engaging panel discussions, insightful biographies, and student-produced original programs that will inspire, educate, and uplift your spirits.  Some of the programs included this month are:

Talking Black in America

Black America
A History of Black Achievement in America
An American Story – Race Amity and the Other Tradition
Sheer Good Fortune: Celebrating Toni Morrison
An Evening With Franklin Thomas
Detroit Civil Rights Trilogy
I am a Man from Memphis
Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson’s American Journey
A Broader View: Race & Gender In Sports
The Cotton Club: The Musicians’ Story
Our American Family- The Clarks

New and encore episodes of original programs such as The Vibe and We Need To Talk will also be featured.

Tune in to TUTV and Templetv.net all month long.