Temple Experience


The Temple Experience, produced by the TUTV Studio Practicum class, offers an in-depth exploration of Temple student experiences, aspirations, and post-graduation plans. Through interviews and storytelling, viewers can gain insights and inspiration from the journeys of these remarkable students.

The Fall 2023 students had a lot to say about their Temple Experience! In this episode, the crew rotates hosts and guests to bring you a firsthand look at what it is like to be a Temple University student.

In the first block, host Kasey Thorpe interviews Mario Rodriguez (Junior MS&P), Hayden Winter (Junior MS&P), and Ruby Ginsburg (Senior MS&P).

In the second block, host Amanda Smith interviews Lauren Jackson, Anthony Purich, and Sara Reff.

In the final block, host Taylor Sylvester interviews Lianna Platznr (Junior MS&P), Aleksandra Gorna (Graduate MS&P), Asada Owens ( Senior MS&P + Film), and Leah Clarke (Junior MS&P).

Find out firsthand where the best places to eat are, the best professors and classes are, and much more!

Tune in to TUTV on January 18 at 1:30 & 9:30 PM or watch anytime on templetv.net.