We Need To Talk Returns

We Need To Talk Episode 21A

TUTV’s groundbreaking all-female talk show, We Need To Talk, boldly presents a diverse and dynamic group of female hosts who offer a fresh and unique perspective on current events and the latest trends in beauty and fashion. Their personal experiences add a layer of authenticity and relatability, making the show an engaging and empowering platform for tackling a wide range of topics with confidence and gusto.

Get ready for an electrifying semester premiere of We Need To Talk as we welcome some fresh additions to the show. Rachel Williams, Gabriela Mancini, Naya Ng, and Mia Lepage are here to offer their bold and unapologetic opinions on all the sizzling topics and events around town. They kick off the show in style by sharing exciting details of their summer adventures and spilling the tea on their “situationships.” The ladies also take on a game called “Kiss, Marry, Jail” with a unique celebrity twist. Moreover, our new segment talent and on-the-street correspondents, Allie Rizzuto, Leah Cleare, Emily Denotaris, Skyler Johnson, Sari Bevington, Hannah Devanny, and Samantha Amons, review J & H dining, discuss their semester schedule, and play a game of “This or That.”

Tune in to TUTV on Wednesday, November 29, at 2:30 & 10:30 pm or watch anytime on templetv.net.