Study Away: South Africa

The Study Away South Africa program immerses Temple University students in South African culture while conducting scholarly research papers and news stories on a range of cultural, social and political issues. The work below shows the 11 students that partook of the program during the summer of 2011.

This short documentary focuses on The Market Photo Workshop, a photography school and a hub of photography in Johhanesburg, which brings in South African students and teaches them valuable photography skills, providing them with the equipment and hands-on experience necessary to help them achieve skills to use for work.

This documentary enlists venerable activists and historians of the Black Consciousness movement to describe and share what it was like during the troubling time of Apartheid in South Africa.

Diversity is highlighted in this documentary through the art of karate. Grand master Hanshi Solly Said shows how his training around the world took him back to South Africa to break down color barriers and teach a community to be more unified through karate.

An action clip demonstrating the importance of a meal to South African students success.

A quick snapshot of the poor school conditions South African students have to face in Soweto.

A Soweto school lacks technological devices to help educate their students and find trouble funding such resources.

AIDS is a detrimental disease that plagues Africa. This clip uncovers how it has become a common topic of discussion in hair salons.

The NBA makes a stop in South Africa to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday by holding a basketball clinic for young South African children.

This clip shows how Nelson Mandela’s birthday is celebrated through community service in South Africa.

Union workers rally for their rights to get decent living wages.

Lauren Herzter showcases an overview of the Study Away South Africa program. She gives a detailed look into the life of the students and their experiences from beginning to end, documenting the different activities that the program involves.

The short documentary Politics, Identity, and Public Art explore how public art can effect and promote communities in and around Johannesburg. Hannelie Coetzee and Usha Seejarim are community-based artists that team up to form Such Initiative, which aims to change perceptions through eco-conscious public art. They share their story and what they have been able to accomplish with their use of art.

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