The World at Temple: Episode 8

Host Luv’en-Ya Rowland updates us on the latest news from Temple’s international community. Professor Ling Lin of the Confucius Institute at Temple discusses the Lunar New Year festivities and her experience celebrating the holiday far from home. Recently, Temple was awarded more than $1 million from the National Science Foundation to build an advanced microscope with improved depth of focus. The recipients of this grant are both part of the international community: Chemistry Professor Eric Borguet is from Ireland, and Hai-Lung Dai, the Vice President of International Affairs, is from Taiwan. Joan McGinley and Samantha Kelley, both from the Office of International Affairs, join Luv-en-Ya to talk about how they work with and help international students. An international student from Vietnam, Nhi Nguyen speaks about her goal to empower women in the management consulting field.

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