Campus Safety

Join hosts Meredith Hass, Anna Stopfel, and The Temp Team as they cover the latest hot-button news around campus.

In this episode of The Temp, Carl Wiggins Gun reports on the uptick in campus violence, and the steps Temple University takes to ensure students are safe.

Then, Reporter Toria Benitez takes a closer look at the spike in Pennsylvania gun sales and talks to local students about their experiences and how gun safety education should be mandatory.

Later, Kaamil Jones talks with local tattoo artist Kareem Young of Big City Tattoo and his experience as a local artist and expertise in tattooing darker skin.

Meredith shares her experiences connecting with Puerto Rican culture.

Finally, from the classroom to the ring, Temple student Daiyann Butt sheds light on what it is like to be a full-time student and maintain a boxing career.

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