Episode 3: Political Climate

Hosts Nicolle Majette and Susan Thomas take a look at our current political climate, the recent breach of the Capitol Building, and the 2020 election. Tyra Brown reports on the 2020 election outcome and the reaction from many of Philadelphia’s citizens, who took to the streets to celebrate. Next, hear from freshman Matthew O’Connor, senior Emily Mahon, and junior Lily Reilly who give their perspective on online learning during the pandemic. COVID has not been easy, especially for restaurants; reporter Matt Silverman hears how Caspian Grille, a family-owned Layfette staple, has been able to stay in business despite hard times. Later, Mydia Alonso delivers the latest on e-sports, a rapidly growing new competitive entertainment industry featuring video games. Lastly, for a short segment of ‘As Heard of on the Street’, Monisha Sihana takes to the streets of New York City to ask people to share their very worst experiences of 2020.

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