Grog Show 104 - Cereal

After getting their own cereal, a disappointed Karl seeks satisfaction elsewhere.…


Grog Show 103 - Relationship

When Jake and the neighbor start dating, Karl tries to win back his roommate by breaking them up.…


Grog Show 102 - Business

Jake and Karl open up a business called “The Everything Store”, only to find out that it will fail miserably.…


Grog Show 101 - Neighbor

In the series premiere, Jake and Karl move in to college only to discover that they have a loud neighbor.…

The Grog Show: Clips

Grog Show 106 - Mystery Outtakes

Mystery Outtakes

Grog Show 105 - Marcus Subplot

Marcus Subplot

Grog Show 105 - Marcus Outtakes

Marcus Outtakes

Grog Show 104 - Cereal Outtakes

Cereal Outtakes