Temple Update: October 4, 2018

Jon Dowding and Simone Stancil are on the Update news desk bringing you the latest. Lianna Golden is live with a preview of Temple’s upcoming Lew Klein Awards. PA’s governor candidates face off for their first and only debate of the election, with Temple Update’s Cassie Semyon covering the event. President Trump received a not-so warm welcome in Philadelphia when protestors greeted him and his staff as they arrived at the City of Brotherly Love. Temple Update Abroad Correspondent Morgan Spicer takes you inside the historic Camden Market. Temple Update celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Carli Showmaker takes us back for a review of the show’s history and achievements.

Anchors: Jon Dowding and Simone Stancil
Sports: Carl Tienabeso
Weather: Dimitrios Kelepouris

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