Temple Update: February 22, 2018

Dan Ray begins with news of the Faculty Senate voting against the stadium proposal. Kelly Antonacci is live at Temple’s new food pantry as the University seeks to combat food insecurity. CBS12 Reporter in West Palm Beach, Florida and Temple Update alum, Maxine Bentzel has been following the students of Parkland’s Stoneman Douglas High School as they travel to the Florida capital to urge legislators to pass gun legislation. Cassandra Semyon is in the newsroom with more on the proposed Pennsylvania Congressional map that seeks to fix the current gerrymandered districts. To combat the opioid crisis, the city is proposing to set up safe injection sites–– Kaicey Baylor has more. Brianna Dent tours the new lounge for the athletes. Vince Coll reports from LA on student Kalen Allen’s rise to fame.

Anchors: Zuri Hoffman, Dan Ray
Sports: Aleeya Mayo
Weather: Jon Dowding

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