Temple Smash 1304

Smash 1304

On this episode of Temple Smash, the crew returns to the studio after nearly two years!…

Episode 1303

Temple Smash 1303

On this episode of Temple Smash, the crew is back with hilarious skits and hijinks.…

Episode 1302

Temple Smash 1302

Temple Smash returns with an all-new season of hilarity and hijinks!…

Episode 1004

Temple Smash Episode 1004

This episode of Temple Smash follows hilarious storylines from the past ten years of the show.…

Episode 1204

This season premiere of Temple Smash is composed of several comedy sketches, performed both on-stage and prior to the show.…

Episode 1203

Temple SMASH: Episode 1203

Watch the new hit game show: is it your high school English teacher, or some other lonely white woman?…

Episode 1202

Temple SMASH: Episode 1202

In this installment of Temple Smash, the phone call is coming from… outside the house!…

Episode 1201

Temple SMASH: Episode 1201

The season premiere of Temple SMASH features the reality show “The Real Bog Witches of Hagtown” wherein one of the Bog Witches returns after being banished to the woods for a hundred of years.…

Episode 1102

A happy little session of face-painting, a brief lesson on the next few decades of human existence, a man seeks guidance from his magic 8-ball, a social experiment doesn’t go exactly as planned, a waiter effectively responds to a fine dining faux pas, a pair of funeral attendees think back on the life of their passed loved one, and more on this episode of Temple Smash.

Temple Smash: Clips

Temple Smash 106 - Cougar Clip


Temple Smash 106 - Battle of Sexes Clip

Battle of Sexes

Temple Smash 105 - Oso Qktm Clip

Oso Qktm

Temple Smash 105 - Dad's Advice Clip

Dad’s Advice