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Every thought and every feeling comes from one place. Your Fantastic Mind takes you behind the curtain in the brain, the operating room, and people’s lives. It digs deep into transformative, life-changing science, showing us how to be healthier and happier, prevent disease, and live longer.

Episode 1: A popular tourist destination, the Dominican Republic lacks adequate resources for physical therapy. Few people have access to physical therapy services despite the need resulting from conditions like strokes and car accidents. YFM provides insight into the efforts of a devoted group of physical therapists as they undertake their 11th annual trip to offer physical therapy and health interventions to a population in need.

Episode 2: Did you know that inflammation in the body may be responsible for up to 30% of depression cases? Researchers are discussing how this finding could change the diagnosis and treatment of depression. They also share tips on a simple way to measure inflammation in the body. There’s also pioneering research on how racism affects the brain, along with a new approach called vibration feedback mindfulness, to improve attention and awareness in women who have experienced trauma. Lastly, let’s examine a well-established parenting class called “The Incredible Years Parenting Program” that has been helping thousands of parents across the country improve their mental wellness.

Episode 3: Over 70% of 9/11 veterans report living with invisible wounds of war, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. A program funded by the national nonprofit Wounded Warrior Project provides free, cutting-edge mental healthcare to 9/11 veterans in need, exploring the science and research related to this issue. Later, a study will examine maternal substance abuse alongside a national NIH study that is imaging the brains of infants to understand how factors such as substance exposure influence brain development from birth through childhood.

Episode 4: An up-close look at the life of a physician-scientist and what it is like to juggle dual demands and responsibilities. The influence of zip codes on mental health. An inspiring update on one patient’s five-year milestone after deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression.

Episode 5: A global breakthrough in the deadliest of strokes. It’s estimated that hemorrhagic strokes will claim 5 million lives in 2024. A breakthrough surgical approach pioneered at Emory University and 36 other academic centers nationwide will offer hope to millions affected. The episode focuses on a 49-year-old man flown to Emory after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke.

Episode 6: This episode examines many breakthroughs in treating Alzheimer’s Disease. From a treatment that can slow the progression of the disease by 30% to a blood test for Alzheimer’s to a 3-minute artificial intelligence test that can assess brain health, the episode sheds light on the promise of new treatment and the struggles with access to early diagnosis. With insights from diverse voices, including African-American men in research, this episode offers a comprehensive look at the intersection of memory, healthcare, research, and accessibility.