The Genius of Latine Dance

The Genius of Latine Dance Series-

Latine dance is thriving like never before across the Americas and beyond, becoming one of the most admired dance styles in the world. Rooted in passion, rhythm, and community, it embodies the spirit of Latine culture, creating a sense of identity and belonging at carnivals, birthdays, weddings, and festivals. From lively Salsa to fast-paced Merengue, these dances connect generations, passing down traditions essential to each culture’s history. In the 21st century, Latine dance has evolved, blending multimedia elements, innovative choreographies, hip-hop influences, and Latine entrepreneurship in music. Join us in “The Genius of Latine Dance,” a five-part series celebrating over 500 years of extraordinary tradition, creativity, and the unstoppable rhythm of Latine dance!

Episode 1: Indigenous Roots
Episode 2: African Roots
Episode 3: Latine Partner Dances
Episode 4: Latine Social Dance
Episode 5: Stage, Screen, & Dance Companies