The Genius of African American Dance

The Genius of African American Dance Series

The creative spark that originated in West Africa for African Americans, to the beat of the drum, is alive and well today, just as it was 400 years ago. Social and performance dance has always been integral to the African-American community, expressing poetry, social cohesion, joy, sorrow, and the drive to freedom. African-American dance has always been characterized by innovation and improvisation. In this groundbreaking five-part series, “The Genius of African-American Dance,” we explore the evolution of African-American dance, showcasing the creation of new dance forms such as the Cakewalk, Ragtime, Charleston, Swing, the Twist, Disco, Modern Dance, Breakdancing, and finally, Afrofuturism’s celebration of the black body through dance.

Episode 1: Spirituals
Episode 2: Jazz
Episode 3: Soul
Episode 4: Rap
Episode 5: Afrofuturism