OwlSports Update: November 20, 2020

Welcome to this edition of Owl Sports with your hosts JJ Michalski and Courtney Murphy! This is one of the last shows for the year 2020 but it is packed with all things Owl Sports. Welcoming Owl Sports Update’s Jack Lynch covers the biggest factor holding the football team back in their 2020 season being, inexperience. Reporter Bella Diamore presents the reasons why the Owl’s lost their recent game against UCF. From injured players to an ongoing Covid list, the Owl’s would have had to been playing nearly perfectly to held any game against UCF’s killer offense.

Owl Sports Update’s Marco DeLuca covers the Hall of Fame Tip of Tournament that is approaching quickly as the Owl’s Basketball Season is underway. Not only are Owl’s getting back on the court, but the Owl’s are hitting the water with the Men and Women’s crew team.

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