OwlSports Update: January 30, 2020

Brooklyn Vaughan and Dom Gillaspy kick off this edition of OwlSports Update with some basketball news. After their recent loss to Penn at the 74th Big Five matchup, which is their 6th loss of the season, the Men’s Basketball team is ready to say goodbye to January on a low note. But all is not lost as the Women’s Basketball team earn themselves their first title of the year, ending the season with 13 wins. Lindsey Moppert has more on the Cheerleading team’s journey to the South, as they head to Flordia to complete in the All Girl Division National Competition. The team placed second out of 9, earning Temple their first-ever second finish. Before signing off, Brooklyn and Dom review the end of Temple’s football season, the AAC’s Bowl Season, and nominate their Play of the Week.

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