OwlSports Update: April 5, 2018

Nick Pfaff and Kayla Solomon start the episode with the news that Temple Baskeball Coach Dunphy will be stepping down after next season with Assistant Coach Aaron McKie taking his place as Head Coach. Alexa Ross looks back at Dunphy’s career and tells us more about Aaron McKie, and Max Mirkin discusses how much of an honor it is to be inducted into the exclusive group of Temple athletes in the Hall of Fame, which Aaron McKie was inducted into in 2011. Temple Tennis fails to bounce back against UConn and Drexel. Luke Burdsall reports on the new rule for collegiate tennis: there are no referees and players must self-officiate. Max Voyce is in the newsroom with more on the two gymnasts who will represent the Owls in the NCAA Regional Finals. Colin Mea tell us about the multiple players vying to be the starting running back for Temple Football.

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