OwlSports Update: April 15, 2021

Hosts Courtney Murphy and Ray Dunne return to discuss the recent successes for some Owls. The Men’s Soccer team have made it to finals and are ready to take on Tulsa. Nicollete Mayo talks to the team as they prepare to win a conference title. Luke Meli looks at the last Women’s Field Hockey team game of the season. Reporter Sage Hurley covers the story surrounding the Women’s NCAA Volleyball Championship, which was described by attendees as suffering from poor conditions, fewer commentators, and fewer teams. This is not the first time this year the NCAA is receiving backlash due to the way they have treated women’s tournaments compared to men’s. Switching gears, Brielle Berry looks to the upcoming football season and the new players that have transferred in. Temple teams are holding Senior Days to honor graduating athletes as they approach the end of their final seasons as Owls. Sang Nguyen has the story. Hear all about Kamali Thompson, a member of the Women’s Fencing team who has met with great success in her sport and profession. 

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