Inside the Nest: November 2, 2021

Hosts Ray Dunne and Jackson Neill break down the Owl’s blow-out loss against the University of Central Florida (49 – 7). They review game footage and hear from key players and Head Coach Rod Carey. Carey answers questions about the team’s mistakes, why he is cancelling Tuesday’s practice, and gives an update on team injuries. Erik Jesberger is live at Edberg-Olsen Hall to touch on the team’s shortcomings. Carey critiques East Carolina University’s quarterback, talks about his relationship with D’Wan Mathis, and tries to end any discussion about a Temple quarterback competition. Looking ahead to the Owl’s game against ECU, the hosts look at previous team stats and make predictions for the matchup. Josh Safran joins the hosts for their game of ‘No Huddle’ to answer pressing questions about this football season, and Emilie Cochrane joins for more AAC news and the latest standings.

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