Feeling Before Understanding – Andrew Valentino

Synopsis: The aphorism behind this project was the phrase, “When the public is ready to feel before understanding, what a number of films reveal and explain everything to it.” At first, my interpretation of this phrase was that people look to films to explain what politicians, scientists, or historians apparently fail at, and it was my intention to refute that by creating fake examples of films that got everything wrong. However, when I was shown an interpretation that explained feeling before understanding in a way where the feeling of a piece was more important than its content, the entire direction changed. I decided to go for a surrealist tone that would convey emotion but not make a whole lot of practical sense, and so I just went wherever my imagination took me. In fact, halfway through the Aphorism, the scene inside the “space dome” was actually taken from an image that I saw while under hypnosis once.

Direcort: Andrew Valentino

TRT: 00:03:09

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