Delta Chi Vs. Alpha Xi Delta

In this episode of Feel Good Cooking (recorded in Fall 2023), Seth Carney hosts a competition show between the Delta Chi fraternity and Alpha Xi Delta sorority to see who can make the best Greek food. Seth follows them from shopping to completion under the guideline that they only have 15 minutes to shop on a $25 budget and must complete the meal in 35 minutes or less. Later, fraternities and sorority members around campus judge the meals. The judges are Jamie (Alpha Epsilon Phi), Robbie (Pi Kappa Phi), and Sati (Delta Delta Delta).

Meet The Teams:

Julian, Dane, and Brandon from Delta Chi make Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken with spiced mangos.

From Alpha Xi Delta, Karen, Abby, and Jenna make a Greek Pasta Salad with pineapple, cucumbers, and feta cheese.