Women’s Track and Field

Women's Track and Field

Kyra Dulcey speaks with Track and Field Coach Elvis Forde about his experience with the sport, the process of rebuilding Temple’s program with 16 freshmen this year, the challenges of the sport, and his hopes for the upcoming season.…

Women’s Lacrosse

Women's Lacrosse

This edition of Temple Athletics covers the Lacrosse team. Kyra Dulcey sits down with Coach Bonnie Rosen, and they discuss the recruitment process, preparation for the season opener against Rutgers, and her goals for the season.…

Women’s Gymnastics

Women's Gymnastics

Kyra Dulcey speaks with members of the Women’s Gymnastics team. First, Coach Umme Salim-Beasley discusses what and who inspired her to start gymnastics, the transition from assistant coach at Rutgers to head coach at Temple, and how the program has grown since coaching at Temple.…

Women’s Volleyball

Women's Volleyball
Allison Reitenbach takes a closer look at the Women's Volleyball team. First, she speaks with student athletes Janine Simmons and Izzy Rapacz. They discuss how their season went, their accomplishments from this season, how they started volleyball, and what they love about Temple's program.

Men’s Cross Country

Men's Cross Country

Allison Reitenbach is joined by Men’s Cross Country Coach James Snyder.…

Men’s Tennis

Men's Tennis

This episode of Temple Athletics features the Men’s Tennis team. Tanaya Atkinson speaks with Coach Mauro about how the program has grown, how he keeps his players motivated, and how they are preparing for the start of the season in January.…

Men’s Basketball

Men's Basketball

On this episode of Temple Athletics, Allison Reitenbach is joined by Men’s Basketball Head Coach Fran Dunphy to discuss his lifetime of playing and coaching basketball, the team’s new practice facility, his hopes for the upcoming season, and the possibility of making it to the NCAA Tournament.…

Women’s Fencing

Women's Fencing

Allison Reitenbach sits down with Women’s Fencing Head Coach Dr. Nikki Frank.…

Men’s Crew

Men's Crew

Allison Reitenbach speaks with Brian Perkins, Head Coach of Men’s Crew.…