Temple Athletics: January 28, 2017

Temple Athletics: February 6, 2016

Temple Athletics takes a closer look at the many different sports played by Temple students through interviews with coaches and student-athletes.…

Women’s Tennis

Women's Tennis

Kevin Murphy is joined by Head Coach of Women’s Tennis at Temple University, Steve Mauro, to discuss the team’s preparation going into the season, the challenges they face for the upcoming season, the recruitment process, and what it’s like coaching both the Men’s and Women’s teams.…

Women’s Gymnastics

Women's Gymnastics

Kevin Murphy sits down with Umme Salim-Beasley, Head Coach of Women’s Gymnastics, and finds out more about how she started in the sport, her experience coaching, how she  helps prepare her athletes for competition, and what makes gymnastics a difficult sport.…

Men’s Crew

Men's Crew

Kevin Murphy speaks with Brian Perkins, Head Coach of Men’s Crew, about his transition from Assistant Coach to Head Coach, what he attributes the team’s success to, the preparation required before races, the challenges faced by the team, and his recruitment philosophy.…

Temple Athletics Staff

Temple Athletics: November 12, 2016
Zach Simon sits down with staff members of Temple University Athletics to learn more about their daily duties and responsibilities, their favorite experiences working at Temple, and how their education prepared them for their jobs.

Men’s Basketball

Men's Basketball

Zach Simon speaks with Men’s Basketball Head Coach Fran Dunphy about the challenges the team will face this season, the recruitment process, and what he thinks of the other Big 5 teams.…

Women’s Volleyball

Women's Volleyball

Zach Simon is joined by Caroline Grattan and Kirsten Overton, members of Temple’s Volleyball team.…

Men’s Cross Country

Men's Cross Country

Zach Simon talks with Men’s Cross Country Head Coach James Synder about the young team, the team’s preparation going into their next meet, his coaching style, his experience running cross country, and how the season is going.…

Field Hockey

Field Hockey

Kevin Murphy speaks with Michelle Walsh and Madison Merton,members of the Temple Field Hockey team, about their experiences as student-athletes, how the season is going, why they chose Temple, and their future plans.…